Home brew? Homebrew? Winemaking

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  • Kegs are multiplying...

    Would definitely recommend Brewkegtap to source cornys from. The two 'smaller' ones are their mid-grade one's and apart from a few dinks look brand new despite being from the mid 90's.

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  • A Spiced Honey Ale getting brewed today.

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  • First pour from the keg earlier, apart from being a little too cold for my preference i was pleased with it. Going to try again soon hopefully a little warmer!

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  • Brewed up a 9 litre batch of citra/pale malt smash yesterday and split it evenly between 2 demijohns, pitching with two different yeasts (us05 and verdant ipa) to see if I can notice the difference!

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  • Certainly a flocculation difference!

  • Haha I think that’s just all the cold break settling out after transferring to each fv (one on left was filled first).

  • Keep posting the pics as they ferment.

  • This is how the look 3 days in (have them in a big plastic box following my experience with the imperial stout spill)

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  • The verdant one took off like a rocket and stopped bubbling within I’d say 36 hours but still has some krausen, the us05 one was going strong until this morning, and krausen has all but disappeared.

    I don’t have a means to take a sample from these small carboys to check the gravity so my intention was to dry hop after 6 days (Sunday) and bottle next Saturday, but now I’m wondering if I could get away with dry hopping today and bottling on Sunday.

    What would you do?

  • When making a yeast starter ahead of a brew day, how essential is a proper flask and a stirring plate? Can I just bung it in a glass container and leave it?

  • Yeah just give it shake everyday

  • The party keg is ready for summer.

    Will have to figure out a more secure mounting for the CO2 bottle but you get the idea.

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  • Letting the yeast sit after fermenting out will mean less diacetyl and ester tastes in the beer as the yeast cleans up byproducts after its finished with the sugars to my understanding.

  • Should keep me going for a bit...

    (It's not all mine, group buy for local HB group. 😉)

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Home brew? Homebrew? Winemaking

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