Home brew? Homebrew? Winemaking

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  • Ha, ha! Wonderful back story.

    Thank you.

    I don't do Instagram I'm afraid.

  • No worries,
    Here's an example....
    Trying to track down one of these, this was up for auction a few years back........

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  • Some shiny stuff arrived today......

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  • Nice! Welcome the rabbit hole. 😁

    Are you going down the Sodastream cannister route?

    Funnily enough the guy I bought my stuff off messaged me and asked if I'd like to buy another keg. It's half full of 9% stout under nitrogen that he never managed to drink apparently.

    So I said 'yes'.

  • That should be interesting!
    I'm looking at a place in Walton on Thames for gas that's supposed to be reasonable, the plan is to add another keg in the future ...

  • I got a very important bit of kit for my homebrew escapades...

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  • There are three apple trees round the corner from me and I keep thinking about making cider from them.

    They are on a road (presumably part of a garden once before the road was built) so would need a good wash to remove the car exhaust residue from them.

  • So first play with the new kit today. Load a recipe on the app and it walks you through all the stages.

    Love it!

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  • I'm unsure about roadside trees as the car shit gets in the soil too so ends up in the fruit? I might be being #tinfoilhat about it but vaguely remember it being discussed when I was at uni or something.

  • That looks fun, in a complicated way.

  • You might be right, tinfoil or not. I'll ask a friend who makes a lot of cider from urban trees whether he would use the fruit.

  • That looks fun, in a complicated way.

    Its actually quite simple once it's up and going. Just a matter of moving tubes around.

    The cleaning afterwards is a bit time consuming.

  • Cleaning is the boring but essential bit, keep it all clean and maintain the fermentation temperature and the beer will be good !
    Started installing the tap today.....

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Home brew? Homebrew? Winemaking

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