Broadband Internet & ISP Recommendations?

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  • Looks like I'll be leaving it in the window. Now, how to run the cables?

  • Have you tried it with it stuck to the side of the bookshelf in view of the window?

    (So next to the Broken Angels book but on the outside of the bookcase? Or underneath the Ludlam book?)

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  • ~80Mbps difference from centre of window to side of bookshelf.

  • I found the orientation as well as the position made a difference.

  • 5G can be blocked by trees, let alone brick / concrete. Direct placement in front of the window will give you the best chance of good signal.

  • Radio waves are polarised at source and its always better to receive at the same polarisation as transmitted. However, reflections (particularly with higher frequency/shorter wavelength signals) mean that polarization can be all over the shop in an urban environment.

    I love it when theory is easily observable in practice.­es/antennas-propagation/antenna-theory/p­olarisation-polarization.php

  • On that note, I wonder if 5G providers use dual polarised or circularly polarised signals? Would make sense I think.

  • Answer:

    In addition to these challenges, the effect of polarization
    mismatch, or antenna misalignment, may drastically reduce
    system performance. To mitigate antenna alignment issues,
    circular polarization (CP) is used as a de facto signal propagation technique­jsp?arnumber=7902205

  • 100 down, 10 up.

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  • Previous positive opinion of Three has gone downhill today.

    The router (Huawei B535) that came with my 4G internet package has given up the ghost nine months in to the two year contract, just turned into a brick overnight.
    Tried to register with the Three website, but the only way to do so is sending a confirmation message... to the dead router.

    Went into town to the Three store who tell me I need to take it up with Huawei myself under warranty, even though I bought it from Three.

    So had to spend £65 on a new 4G/SIM router from Argos so that I'm able to work for the next two to three weeks it'll take to send off the router for inspection/repair and get it back.

  • I designed a little case that can be 3M VHB'd to the window which the router can then snap into.

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  • Why not just 3M the router to the window?

  • While I'm here, anybody on the market for a pretty decent 4G router and external antenna?

    Router is an EE badged Huawei B625­1.html

    Antenna is a Poynting Omni

    The antenna is pretty much the best omnidirectional 4G antenna that you can buy for less than silly money.

    Looking for £50 for the antenna and £75 for the router.

  • Why not just 3M the router to the window?

    Because the reset button is, you guessed it, on the underside whilst the status LED's are on the top, so if you stick it to the window you can't have access to one of these.

  • No one needs status lights.

  • hey, could you hold this for me and let me know the following?
    what speeds have you got from using this and which 4G sim did you use?
    thanks very much

  • what speeds have you got from using this and which 4G sim did you use?

    thanks very much

    I got about 200Mbps down and up 200Mbps up at best (I literally have an EE mast on the roof). Sometimes it'd drop down to 50Mbps or so at busy times.

    Anyway, my experiences are irrelevant. The speeds you get will be entirely based on distance from your local mast and the topology in between.

    The best way to get a rough idea of the speeds you might get on different networks is to look at coverage maps and try a few different sims in your phone.

  • Dibs please, subject to being able to arrange delivery.

    I will send you a PM shortly.

    *Sorry, just seen Platypus' is first.

  • Why not buy a 4g router with SMA aerial connectors and run an outdoor aerial?

    I have just purchased a Tenda ac1200, to tide me over while waiting for fibre to be installed when I move house.
    Planning on keeping it as a backup incase of any broadband outages.

  • It’s a 5G router- which I got as part of the contract and is pleasingly small

  • But your not even getting 4g speeds, even with the dodgy placement....

  • I'm getting 100Mbps downstream and 20Mbps up, that's significantly more than I got with the 4G router.

  • First test with the Tenda 4g router and EE payg SIM

    86M down and 23 up

    When running the same test on my phone (Samsung S10) it shows 17M down - so it seems the router/aerials play a pretty big part in the speeds achievable.

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Broadband Internet & ISP Recommendations?

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