Which Waterproof Trousers?

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  • As the title says, I'm preferably wondering what waterproof trousers or 3/4 lengths to get that I can also wear when not riding.
    You know, casual looking,fashionable even.

    I've had a look and can't find anything that looks remotely casual and waterproof.

    Today I got soaked again, good and proper, and I'm determined now to get some waterproof trousers or whatever that can keep my legs dry.

    This makes me think an over trouser is probably the way to go, even though its a pain in the ass carrying it around all the time.

    What do you guys suggest ? ?

  • Try www.swrve.co.uk, quality stuff, not cheap but well worth it.

  • thanks man they do look good to be fair and are waterproof.
    +/- £70 is steep but mebbe i'll have to fork it out.

  • What do you guys suggest ? ?

    Rapha Fixed shorts!!

  • Rapha Fixed shorts!!

    £120 !!!! i nearly vomitted !

  • Rapha Fixed shorts!!

    Dude, if swrve is expensive, those are ridiculous.

  • I wholly reccomend army surplus gore-tex trousers.

    The British & american ones both have a great fit, cost around £15.

    Now, you know some silly company like altura would want to charge £140 of anything close to the same quality.

  • Note: Rapha Fixed Shorts are NOT waterproofs. They are water resistant..

  • Try picking the Swerv stuff up online from the US (e.g. Trackstar), it works out at half the price... My Milwaukee jacket was $120 as opposed to £110...

  • I hate myself for doing this but I have to agree with DFP.

  • When it pissed it down earlier this week I cycled to work in my swimming trunks. Before setting out I thought it was a bit of a stupid idea, but to my surprise it was an actually amazingly fucking dickish idea.

  • just on swrves site, doesnt seem theirs are even water resistant.. ;(

  • I wholly recommend army surplus Gore-Tex trousers.

    The British & American ones both have a great fit, cost around £15.

    Now, you know some silly company like Altura would want to charge £140 of anything close to the same quality.

    This is more my kind of thing.
    where can u get them from ?

  • www.justfuckinggoogleit.com/

    ehm, or search ...

    (sorry I am a bit bitchy today)

  • My swres (herringbone ones) are definately not quality stuff and in my token opinion not worth the price.
    All the stiching has come out from the button wholes, the seat area has started to bobble and they shrank a bit....
    I keep meaning to take them back to Mosquito where I am sure they will very nice etc I just haven't had the time yet.

  • I have some endura 3-vent 3/4's 80 quid, but gotta say they're not all they cracked up to me, some others say different tho - maybe i have a leaky seam.

  • new helmet?

  • If your cycle bag is waterprooof, why not put your trousers of choice in the bag, and cycle to work in shorts, or 3/4s, or whatever. Heavily vaseline the exposed parts of your legs, and have a wipe down when you get to work.

    Thats my million Zim dollars, or my 2 pence.

  • Anti theft idea? Throw a cammo net over your bike when you leave it.

  • http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Model­s.aspx?ModelID=24162

    They come in denim and curriers love em!

    Exhaustive tests to ascertain this have been carried out by bike couriers and by independent organisations.

  • gwt some wool trousers

  • This is more my kind of thing.
    where can u get them from ?

    theres lots of places on the net, but ive found that they are cheapest from small army surplus stores or stalls at markets which you get in most places. I imagine theres loads in london, but if you cant find any just hit the net.

  • ummm, so my commute nowadays is a bit odd:
    Cycle past my work in the morning to a gym I rejoined whilst using the BL, swim, change, cycle back to work in suit.
    and its wet. very wet. and that sucks in the mornings.
    Anyonw have any decent reccomendations for overtrousers?

  • read upthread, army surplus gore-tex trousers!

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Which Waterproof Trousers?

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