Bicycle limerick

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  • now i've set Sir off... sorry everyone

    made me laugh, you know how there's always one kid in the class who the teacher hates, and when it kicks off, everybody suffers.

    that's you by the way. and i'm the teacher.

  • ooh yeah. i like this fantasy.

    shall i bend over, Sir?

  • I hope teach doesn't finish all his limericks quite so sloppily.

  • The age of the limerick is dead,
    Convention's been turned on its head,
    Instead there's confusion,
    No witty conclusion,
    But blackness suffusing the fragile minds that wander lonely as storm-clouds through fields of livid gaffa tape instead.

  • show-off

  • Build?


  • jesus that was a long wank..

    Our lord and saviour doth not indulge in onanism

  • Our lord and saviour doth not indulge in onanism

    The doctrine of the Holy Trinity states that the Lord our God (for Yahweh be his name) consists of God the Father, God the Son (incarnate as Jesus Christ), and God the Holy Spirit - that is: Jesus is God (the substance of God).

    So as Mary was gifted of a child, made heavy with hope and had her heart filled with the joy of bringing forth a child of god - and this gift was not delivered as man gifts a woman - that is: the exchange of earthly seed, my best bet was that God (as shown: Jesus) must have knocked one out while he was on the shitter and done Mary with a turkey baster.

  • I hope teach doesn't finish all his limericks quite so sloppily.

    you always finish sloppily, you big, dawes-riding, leaking dictionary you.

  • A taxicab gave me a shunt
    Which caused a bit of affront
    He shouted "fuck you"
    The way that you do
    And so I called him a dick

  • Scarlet's good at limericks,
    With all his literary tricks.
    He's better than me,
    As you'll plainly see,
    Because I'm not entirely sure how these things are meant to end.

  • there was a man called stallionlegs
    who drank kegs down to the last dregs
    he slept with the barmaid
    smothered in marmalade
    and now the poor lady is pregs

  • If there was an old thread needed bumping
    at a time when the forum was slumping
    it wouldn't be this
    'cause this takes the piss
    It'd be the bright times thread, 'cause its Thumping!

  • Bright Times is feeble nostalgia,
    It's insipid and gives me otalgia,
    The romanticism,
    Of pop optimism,
    Is causing acute chepalalgia.

  • How are these two??

  • The man with the sideburns is king
    And yes it's a wonderful thing
    He stuck to his task
    But can i just ask
    Is Wiggo a bit of a ging?

  • Haiku instead of limerick but any excuse to dredge one of the best threads on this forum.

    Danny Dyer - Reflective Haikus - YouTube

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Bicycle limerick

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