Bicycle limerick

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  • There was gang yoot from West Ealing
    who bought a bike just for dealing.
    His unipac was FAIL.
    He sought the holy grail,
    and nicked a vivalo for wheelying.

  • bad move prav

  • i'm trying to lighten the mood here!
    let it die then... :-(

  • no, every one must see how low you have fallen!

  • I'm shit at haiku aswell.

  • How about bicycle sonnets?

    At least some velo rhyming couplets.

  • go on then...

  • come on everyone, roll up, roll up!

    Provenrad has laid down a gauntlet you must figure is fairly easy to pick up...

    Chris - can you do any better?

    Provenrad you know my views - great guy, poor grasp of meter..

  • Not a limerick:
    Sleek. Fast. Deadly-silent is the fixiebike.
    Spots a gap -
    which closes fast.
    Not fast enough to beat that fixiebike.

  • prav is a lanky boy
    his poem threads are epic fail
    he dissed by haiku

  • I'll throw in a prize for the best fixed-related limerick, how's that.

  • I searched ebay for arrospok,
    but did not budget for a lock.
    Parked in the east end
    and thieves did descend
    I walked home feeling like a cock.

  • so people are generally
    just writing words
    and arranging them
    in lines now are they?

    edit: at last a kind of limerick!

  • mine was a haiku

  • ^ No it isn't/wasn't

  • yeah it is/was


  • bike haikus are just outside of this thread sir, if you go down a bit that way points down you'll find them there sir.

    not that it was a haiku Chris - 6-8-5 on your last one - so now counting can be added to spelling on your "list of things to do"

  • gene gene made a machine
    joe joe made it go
    art art did a fart
    and blew whole damn thing apart!

  • Off topic: My favorite Limerick...

    There once was a man from Bombay,
    who modeled a cunt out of clay.
    The heat from his dick
    turned the clay into brick,
    and wore all his foreskin away.

    Edit: I'll be leaving now... hangs head in shame

  • A vapid young hipster from Shoreditch
    Rode a fixie that made an old sore itch
    When his girlfriend asked why
    He continued to try
    He replied "I'm a media whore bitch"

  • i luv my denim white,
    i luv my denim tight.
    i buffed my saddle with all my might,
    but the stains are still a fright! :(

  • A mad scientist came from down under,
    Our ebay he started to plunder.
    He built so many bikes;
    even I thought 'Yikes!'
    And his mankini did make me chunder.

  • a lanky man bought a frame,
    to be one in the hipster game,
    caygill was it's name,
    its broken now what a shame!

  • A tattooed young Aussie called Dale
    Was repellent to all things female
    Though he tried all he could
    They knew he was no good
    So they all ran away - Epic Fail

  • i would give philjamas rep but i cant.

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Bicycle limerick

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