Tea... an important issue

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  • Will look into this, cheers

  • No worries dude, This the farm...


    Message me if you have any questions

  • Facebook link doesn’t work for me

  • Try this one edit:removed

  • 2nd infusion of black tea was v weak, it doesn’t seem to have the same magic properties of green tea

  • How long are you steeping it for the first time? And did you increase the time for the second time?

  • Five mins first time six and a half second

  • You must like it strong, I rarely go over 3 first time and will land up at 5 later on

  • Third infusion after ten minutes looked like an over hydration piss test but had less flavour.

  • You are Bear Grylls AICMFP

  • Does anybody know what would cause such a difference in extraction? Is it the pH or some other components?

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  • I drink green tea and only green tea. I have found a great provider: https://www.simpli-special.co.uk/ from whom I order two 500g bags of tea every six months or so. I make a pint mug of tea at breakfast using an infuser and then make one or two more pint cups each morning reusing the same tea so that, as the morning progresses it becomes steadily weaker. This is also a very economical way of procuring a beverage as it costs me less than £2 a week for two to three pints of tea a day.

    Imagine my delight this morning when, having placed by biannual order, I received an email thanking me "for choosing Simpli-Special Tea as your tea merchant."

    I mean, what aspirational goals to have a tea merchant to whom I can attach a possessive pronoun.

  • I half fill one of these and it lasts three or so mugs.

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  • two to three pints of tea a day.

    Anyone who measures tea in pints gets a nod of approval from me.

    nod of approval

  • bit late to the tea party; thought I'd drop by as I have been upping my tea game over the last year or so.

    Quite a while ago, they started providing free tea at work. Result!

    Except it was PG Tips, and I quickly formed an "any tea other than PG Tips" policy. Emergencies excluded, of course.

    So then I had to decide what to stock in my own personal tea stash, and went for Clipper organic (green box). That's still my default tea bag option. But then lock down happened, the world of loose leaf tea to explore, teapots to buy, big bliss for an internet obsessive weirdo such as myself.

    Anyway, to summarise:

    tea sellers i've tried and liked:

    https://www.tiptoptea.co.uk/ - think this guy is sometimes at Greenwich market? Someone recommended to me, his Bold Breakfast is my favourite morning brew.

    https://www.vahdam.com/ - great tea, was sent directly from India when I first started buying from them but now fulfilled by Amazon so avoid if that's not your thing. Also a bit on the "wellness" bandwagon too. But good value bags of high quality whole leaf tea, Indian only.

    https://www.brewteacompany.co.uk/ - sensible tea pots and good value, no nonsense tea range. Support your local Mancunian tea enterprise.

    Have tried various others including Mariage Freres where you can get very expensive green teas, but I find those above are fine for everything I need at present.


    As Tip Top are currently out of stock of Bold Breakfast, I'm going to have a go at blending my own. Just waiting for a couple more bags to arrive. Will report back..

  • Not convinced by the idea of Darjeeling in a breakfast tea but some people say it's a thing.

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  • Never noticed this thread before.

    Can anyone recommend a good tasting decaf tea? Everything I have tried so far has been incredibly weak.

  • Apologies, can't give any advice on decaf.

    After some wholly unscientific messing about, I've settled (for the time being) on
    2 parts Assam gold
    2 parts Assam CTC BOP
    2 parts Ceylon rolled whole leaf
    1 part Nilgiri whole leaf (SFTGOP1 to be precise!)

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  • Clipper organic decaf - no plastic too.

  • added a spoon of Darjeeling to the mix.

    it's introduced a grassy astringent note which is unwelcome in my breakfast tea. won't be doing that again.

  • MrsDeth is a Yorkshire decaf convert.
    Not sure if it is really strong enough for her, but it is the easily acquired supermarket brand that suits.

    I am all about the Redbush and Honey twinings during the day, and Yorkshire sleepy tea at night (decaf, vanilla and nutmeg in a bag)

  • We have tried the Yorkshire decaf and I agree, it is a bit watery.

  • I'm on decaff tip these days too. I'm using Tetley at the moment, seems alright. Tetley was my mug of builders choice when I was on the caffeine

  • Another for yorkshire decaf, although it’s not strong in a big mug. personally really hate the other branded ones in supermarkets, your better off doublebagging an ownbrand. would be interested to know about affordable loose leaf organic and fair trade breakfast or assam you like.

  • https://www.brewteacompany.co.uk/ - sensible tea pots and good value, no nonsense tea range. Support your local Mancunian tea enterprise.

    Am I reading the website right - £30 for 100 ceylon teabags?

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Tea... an important issue

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