Tea... an important issue

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  • Currently looking at bodum nouveau (approx £15-20) or something from t2tea both around the same cost or cheaper than the Le creuset options.

    I’d just like a large pot for making loose leaf tea but it saves the drippy mess of straining the tea when poured.

  • Fair enough, yeah that'd work, and not as poncy as I was expecting. You do know a cloth can mop up any drips/spillages, or just use your sleeve, it's what I do (my sleeve, not yours, that would just be rude).

  • TBF, I have a Bodum, which I use for fresh mint.

  • It's a little-known fact that his first username was fancy james.

  • We have the Firm Living Still teapot, smaller leaves get stuck in the slits in the strainer and then you need to wait for them to dry out and clear every slit with a thin knife. No drippy mess, and suitably poncy. I think.

  • Been drinking a lot of genmaicha lately.

    I'm in the market for a new teapot, I've got one of those clear ones with a really thin spout, it just looks dirty as you can't get in to the spout to clean it properly.

  • You don't need to clean a teapot, just rinse through with warm water, obviously any stubborn tea leaves need to come out, but anything else just adds flavour.

  • I'll have to track it down, been mainlining red bush (Lidl style) for a few weeks now.

  • Fair do's! I'll save my pennies.

  • Depends on what sort of tea, and how much of it.

  • anything else just adds flavour

    A bitter tannin flavour, but flavour nonetheless.

  • Large pot, and mainly black tea.

  • I prefer using a in cup strainer if only making tea for myself, saves over brewing the leaves, makes it easy to to do further steepings, don't land up with cold tea

    Currently enjoying a Blue Mountains Nilgiri White

  • Brown Betty then.

  • I use similar - I never found a single-sized pot that could manage large leaves.

    I've been mostly drinking a cheapish Mi Lian Xiang, and a Yabukita Wakocha

  • I've been mostly drinking a cheapish Mi Lian Xiang, and a Yabukita Wakocha

    So golf club

  • Golf club is more "pUt tHe mIlK In fIrSt nO PuT ThE MiLk iN SeCoNd"

    They wouldnt know a decent tea if it beat them to death over the head with their Sunday best Cath Kidston teapot.

  • Yeh it is weird how popular coffee chat is discussing grinds and roasts but tea is just chuck a bag in a mug

    Anyone got any decent Pu'erh recommendations?

  • Had an awesome pu’er tea at L’Enclume earlier this year

    Tea bags are the equivalent to instant coffee

  • Anyone got any decent Pu'erh recommendations?

    How much money have you got?

  • Had the T2 pu'erh, had a fairly fishy odour to it.

    Was ok, as long as you rinsed, and the early brew was preferable than a long steep.

    (I am a noob)

  • Not crazy money and don't want to buy some big cake not knowing if I enjoy the style, <£20

  • Use large leaf tea, no strainer needed. You get a few bits in the cup but not so many if you let it settle long enough before you gently pour.

  • seems like rapha and supreme are missing a trick, they could clean up in the cyclists teapot stakes

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Tea... an important issue

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