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  • I know it is across the ocean, but this thing is a blast. My old mates at Faster Mustache in Atlanta organize an alleycat style 24 hour urban relay bike race. Teams of up to six can compete, or you can ride solo. The race is hosted out of an establishment that serves beer, there is music, prizes, people crashing their bikes and general fun.

    Last year we had 175 riders, this year will be even bigger because a bunch of people will be coming from out of state and the race ast year was wildly successful. I am definitely going, and having a London team would be great.

    For more info, see http://fastermustache.org/. It is the second post in the board.

  • Does anyone have any thoughts on whether it may be feasible to do this in London? The races in Atlanta are usually organized as a semi-open source thing, where things are decided in meetings where anyone can contribute and where one person takes the initiative to implement the ideas. The route is pre-set, and it tends to be the best (sortest, least hills) way to get from checkpoint to checkpoint, but teams often vary it to account for traffic and other nastiness.

    Race (last year's): http://fastermustache.org/fm24/2006

    Race (this year's): http://24.fastermustache.org/

    Route (check the elevation profile): http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/united-sta­tes/ga/atlanta/719995327

    Rules (also on last year's link):

    1. This is a checkpoint race. You don't have to stick to the defined route, you only have to hit the checkpoints in order.

    2. All field SAG must be done by bike.

    3. You need to demonstrate that your bicycle has working lights, both front and rear, at the time of registration.

    4. You can be denied a lap card by the race officials on the basis of impairment.

    5. Team number must be displayed at all times on your bicycle.

    6. If you see a downed/disabled rider, you must stop to offer assistance.

    7. All rules of the road must be followed.

    8. Every team must appoint a team captian.

    9. Teams are accountable for the whereabouts of their team members.

    10. There are no rider substitutions. No riders may be added to a team after registration ends.

    11. There are no limitations on equipmnent used to race with the exception that it must be human powered.

    12. You have to have yourself and your team registered by 11:45am, Nov 4th to compete.

    13. Race is from 12 noon, Nov 4th, to 12 noon, Nov 5th.

    14. We race, RAIN OR SHINE.

    15. And finally... Race officials have the last call in all disputes.


    1. It is recommended that each racer learn the course before the beginning of the race. Do not expect a parade lap. If you don't know the route, get with rider who does and learn it.

    2. It is recommended that each team member carry a form of communication in case of emergency.

    3. It is recommended that if you choose to deviate from the set course that you alert your teammates to your changes and do so at your own risk.


    1. Lap cards are issued one at a time to a rider with a unique identifer on each card (serial number or UID).

    2. Lap cards must have all six checkpoint punches to be counted valid.

    3. Laps start and stop at Johnny's Pizza, Highland Ave.

    4. Lap cards can be forfeited, and thus the lap forfeited, at the discretion of the teams. In case of forfeiture of a lap, a new lap card can be issued. Only the last lap card issued can be turned in for a lap.

    5. All laps must be completed by 12 noon, Nov 5th for the laps to count.


    1. Most overall laps. Awarded to the team with the highest number of completed laps. Tie breaker will be for the overall time.

    2. Most individual laps.

    3. Fastest individual lap.

  • yeah i don't see why not alex. not sure i have heard of anything like it before in the big smoke.

  • How long is a lap?

  • TheBrick(Tommy) How long is a lap?

    This year it is a little shorter than 15 mi. Last year it was around 10.

  • I'd love to do a 24hr.
    Tricky logistics but maybe a low-key 1st London event will grow into something this big.
    Have to be right out of peak traffic times...? midnight Saturday thru midnight Sunday?

  • Or do the one in holland in a little bit


  • Sounds dope but I think the police would jump right on it after the first few hundred reports of number-adorned cyclists racing full out around the city of London.
    This would be much larger than your run of the mill Friday night alleycat.

    1. All rules of the road must be followed.

    Pardon me.
    Don't know if that would be adhered to though.

  • MA3K Sounds dope but I think the police would jump right on it after the first few hundred reports of number-adorned cyclists racing full out around the city of London.
    This would be much larger than your run of the mill Friday night alleycat.

    1. Steer clear of the Parliament Exclusion Zone - The police would no doubt use anti-terrorism legislation to halt any race - they would argue that a race was a 'protest' of some kind.

  • would there be a team made up from people from the forum?

  • MA3K 7. All rules of the road must be followed.

    Pardon me.
    Don't know if that would be adhered to though.

    It is not, but it is posted so that if someone gets hit they can say that the racer violated the rules.

    The number thing was dropped.

    The police are always a concern, but even with close to 200 racers (it is a relay, so only a few are on the route and they get spread out as the fast teams leave the drunk teams in the dust) things fly pretty much beneath their radar. Htr biggest issue is the place where everything starts because that is where the teams congragate.

    The race has the potential to get huge because it is fun if you want it to be (beer), serious if you want it to be (some sponsored teams joined last year and the lap times got blistering fast), grueling (some people do it solo) or reasonably easy (I did about 40 miles last time in between rounds of beer and pizza).

  • I like this idea.
    And so i thought i'd revive it a little.
    Also- anyone up for a long ride week of the 17th September?

  • I like this race idea. Anyone own a business where we could start from (private property and all that?)

  • send a research team to Holland!

  • I find the idea intriguing and would definitely be down for a spin but it would have to be held on a safeish course with long, un-signalled stretches of the type you might find in Atlanta or somewheresville North America.

    I think it is morally disingenuous to say that the organisers wouldn't bare some responsibility for rider/pedestrian injury/accidents or death holding this event in central London which has got to be the most heavily policed and traffic-controlled city in all of Europe.
    Having a caveat just doesn't wash in my book.
    Plus it will hardly be fair on the people who do obey the road-rules.

    The people (in the main) who participate in alleycats are professional cyclists who are mature enough in experience to take the kinds of risks associated with live point-to-point racing which usual lasts no more than an hour or so. I don't believe that your average cyclist is.

  • See if you can book the Hillingdon circuit for this. It would then be an endurance fest for the mind and body.. e.g.
    "Another fscking lap?! No please god no!!!! I'm not a fscking trackie! Can't I just ride up and down Uxbridge Rd? At least the scenery changes a bit! Please?!"

  • can we hire out herne hill and ride round there for 24hrs ? see who does the most laps safer more company
    no caveats

  • but less exciting

  • ...how about dilluting it to 'just' 12hours ?

  • 12 hours around Hyde Park - No traffic on Sundays down the lengths, cycle paths along the widths.

  • that'd be nice: how bout this :
    12hours around hyde park and RP circuit with a road link in between! its an easy bit of road between the two.

  • RP anti-clock all left turns.

  • using that velodrome in Brighton ( see the londonfgss on sea thread). And HH. I suggest an epic involving the two.
    With a ride in the middle.
    Wearing Proper cycling gear (a la penny farthing riders- with hats and stuff).

  • Awesome race, my team came in 4th, I did 5 laps plus an extra one backing up our last rider. My team h ad the 3rd fastest female. The guys who won had some cat 3 racers, and they all rode either fixed or single speed.

    Total laps when added up came to over 13K miles


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24 Hour Race - Faster Mustache

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