2008-08-30 - Rider Down

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  • Sun is shining, nice day for a ride. Rode from Amsterdam to Haarlem. It's about 40km round trip. Great ride checking out the view, canals and windmills. Get all the way back, two minutes from my house and WHAM!. Guy cycling the wrong way down the road just turns straight into my path without looking. I can't stop in time (yes, I have brakes!) hit his front wheel and go straight over his handlebars. To make matters worse some random ped starts having a go at me for shouting at the guy. Like it's my fault! Roadie comes up and backs up my story saying she saw the whole thing and the guy was totally at fault. But the ped just keeps having a go. Verbal insults ensue and I have to decide to either leather the twat or walk away. I walk away.

    Good news is only minor scratches and bike seems to be ok. Hmmm, if it's a nice day tomorrow I might ride to Utrecht?

    Ride safe people!

  • the weather is turning people mad,
    I had some asshole on a scooter honking at me and try to cut me off for no reason.
    this resulted in me doing the same to him and acting like a prick.
    this was not some chav kid he was a aussie prick.
    then 2 mins later one of those stupid small tour buses pulls out of a side street without looking and cuts me off as im coming down the hill. there was a bus coming up the other ways and cars parked on either side of the road i had no where to go. I manged to skid into the gap between the tour van and parked car smaking my bars on the van and twisting them. He drove off like nothing happened.

  • Sorry to hear about your bad days people...

    I saw a guy kick the wing mirror of a Golf yesterday. Silly sod.

    Ride safe.

  • The most memorable thing about Haarlem was me getting very sick when I was touring there and moving from my tent to a hostel to recover. Being sick whilst living in a tent is fucked.

    I'm an Aussie prick.. but I wouldn't ride a fucking scooter.

    I had a lovely day yesterday.. at least from about 1-6pm anyway.. :)

  • I appear to have taken a number of tumbles on our travels post-pedalo. Thanks everybody for picking me up and putting me back on my bike. Don't drink and ride kids, it's not big and it's not clever ;)

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2008-08-30 - Rider Down

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