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  • **Some of these website Links are broken or out of date, I'll update them later.

    Tracks/Velodromes in the UK**:

    Brighton - Preston Park
    Tel: 01273 292704
    Surface: Tarmacadam
    Distance: 579.03 metres­html­m?request=c1141162­ton-pp/brighton-pp-circuit4r-c640.jpg

    Bournemouth, Slades Farm
    Tarmac 250 metres

    Tel: 02380 892077
    Surface: Siberian Pine
    Distance: 143 metres (the wall of death!) Indoor

    Cardiff - Maindy Stadium
    Tel: 0920 529230
    Surface: Red Cement.
    Distance: 459.37 metres
    the only link I found...

    Carmarthen - Carmarthen Park
    Tel: 01267 235199.
    Surface: Concrete
    Distance: 405.38 metres­html­Park

    Dundee - Caird Park Stadium
    Tel: 01382 438870
    Surface: Asphalt
    Distance: 402.34 metres­rack=dundee

    Edinburgh - Meadowbank Sports Centre
    Tel: 0131 661 5351
    Surface: West African Hardwood
    Distance: 250 metres

    Halesowen Manor Abbey Stadium
    Tel: 0121 550 1360
    Surface: Tarmac
    Distance: 400 metres

    Herne Hill Velodrome
    Surface: Tarmac
    Distance: 450 metres
    Junior track (unbanked) 250 metres

    Kirkby - Kirkby Sports Centre
    Tel: 0151 443 4405
    Surface: Asphalt
    Distance: 485 metres

    Leicester - (currently unsafe to ride)
    Surface: Wood
    Distance: 333 metres

    Lee Valley VeloPark Velodrome
    Surface: Siberian pine
    Distance: 250 metres
    2012 Olympic venue­ent/cms/london2012/velo-park/

    Manchester Velodrome - National Cycling Centre
    Tel: 0161 223 2244
    Surface: Siberian Pine
    Distance: 250 metres Indoor

    Tel: 01623 624678
    Surface: Tarmac
    Distance: 402 metres

    Middlesbrough - Clairville Stadium
    Tel: 01642 246767
    Surface: Tarmac
    Distance: 455.65 metres.

    Newport Velodrome - Wales National Velodrome
    Tel: 01633 670531
    Surface: Siberian Pine
    Distance: 250 metres indoors
    Newport Velodrome designed by Ron Webb who has worked on over 70 tracks in his time - he designed the tracks at Athens and Manchester.

    Newcastle-under-Lyme - Newcastle Track(Stoke-on-Trent)
    Tel: N/A
    Surface: Asphalt
    Distance: 399.71 metres

    Nottingham - Bilborough Park
    Tel: V. Craig 0115 915 2700
    Surface: Tarmac
    Distance: 460 metres

    **Poole - Poole Park Track **
    Tel: 01202 261306
    Surface: Tarmac
    Distance: 534 metres

    Portsmouth - The Mountbatten Centre
    Tel: 02392 690011
    Surface: Asphalt
    Distance: 535.6 metres

    Reading - Palmer Park Sports Stadium
    Tel: 0118 901 5080
    Surface: Asphalt
    Distance: 459.15 metres

    Scunthorpe - Quibell Park Stadium
    Tel: 01724 865837
    Surface: Asphalt
    Distance: 485.06 metres

    Tatem Park, North London.
    225M lightly banked childrens track (frequently used by fruitbooters)­010/08/tatem-park-track-training-and-las­t-of.html

    Welwyn Garden City Gosling Sports Park
    Tel: 01707 331056
    Surface: Asphalt
    Distance: 460.95 metres

    Wolverhampton - Aldersley
    Tel: 01902 556200
    Surface: Asphalt
    Distance: 458.56 metres

  • Isn't Meadowbank going to be the victim of property developers/the local council?

  • Nice work, Rob... I think a tour may be in order... :)

  • good to see Welwyn listed...never mentioned on this site but probably just as accessible to some users of this forum as HH

  • rode the Leicester one at saffron lane about 15 years ago before the current surface was put down, it used to have almost a step drop/ramp between the banking and the straight, was weird, and not very nice

  • If anyone knows about any more, or if anything has changed I'll amend the list.

    it's just a grab off another site, and is most probably out of date..
    I don't want to include anything that isn't a genuine working velodrome.

  • From BikeRadar:

    Meadowbank Velodrome facing wrecker's ball

    By Mark Appleton
    [![](­s/2008/03/20/MeadowVelo-280-75.jpg)](htt­p://­le/meadowbank-velodrome-facing-wreckers-­ball-15284?img=1&pn=meadowbank-velodrome­-facing-wreckers-ball&mlc=news%2Farticle­)Meadowbank's Velodrome in use during the 1986 Commonwealth Games (Tony Feder/ALLSPORT/Getty)
        At a time when Scotland has some of the world’s highest rates of coronary heart disease, you might imagine Scottish politicians would fight tooth and nail to protect the nation’s sporting facilities from the grasp of developers. Apparently not. 

    Edinburgh Council has voted to downsize the city’s Meadowbank Stadium and sell residual land to housing developers. In doing the complex’s Velodrome will disappear altogether while the main stadium, which hosted the 1970 and 1986 Commonwealth Games, will be reduced from a 16,000 to a 5,000 spectator arena.
    Scottish Cycling has issued a statement expressing its disappointment at the loss of the Velodrome which, its says: “has played a significant part in the history of the sport in this country and has an established record of producing world class sportsmen and women.”
    However its statement goes on to acknowledge the Council’s commitment to developing an alternative track cycling facility in the city. Meanwhile Edinburgh residents and politicians from parties opposed to the plan, have joined a Save Meadowbank campaign which aims to persuade the Council to reverse its decision.

  • I've just signed the petition

  • do they race the wrong way round in Scotland?

  • I think they only do that in Australia..

  • from BBC:

    City of Edinburgh Council has responded to criticism from Chris Hoy by reiterating its desire to create a new cycling facility in Scotland's capital.
    The Olympic triple gold medallist said the planned demolition of the velodrome at Meadowbank was short-sighted.
    But a council spokesman said: "Although cycling is moving away from Meadowbank, where the track is past its best, we want to create a new facility."
    The spokesman stressed, though, that the council needed help with funding.
    A new national velodrome is being built in Glasgow for the 2014 Commonwealth Games and will be named after Hoy.
    "We are aware of Scottish Government support for cycling facilities outside Glasgow and the council is behind that idea," said Edinburgh Council.
    "But we do need external assistance to pay for it. The ideal situation would be that a new cycling facility is in place before the Meadowbank track is taken down and that is what we will aim for."

  • I think they only do that in Australia..

    We photoshop our 'dromes to fuck with your minds..

  • rode the Leicester one at saffron lane about 15 years ago before the current surface was put down, it used to have almost a step drop/ramp between the banking and the straight, was weird, and not very nice

    this dude on another forum snuck in and took these pictures..what a shame.

  • doesn't look like it's gonna be there for much longer

    anyone dare to ride it and get some pics before they demolish it?

  • "There has been graffiti, drug taking, arson..."
    and that's just the riders!

    ""The intention is to market it for development, for housing or light industry use." = fucking typical. Make some cash for themselves.. nice.

  • the place is a legend..

    it's really annoyed me, yes it's all very well building these new velodromes (with high session costs and long waiting lists) but FFS to wreck the existing sites of some amazing performances is a crime. there's room for both.

  • the council guy was saying how they couldn't afford to compete with manchester etc with a covered velodrome. why not just do an outdoor tarmac/concrete one? anything's gotta be better than some crummy shitbox housing development.

    here's the track in its heyday - Koichi Nakano v Gordon Singleton, 1982 World Track Champs:­Q­I­Y

  • the council guy was saying how they couldn't afford to compete with manchester etc with a covered velodrome.[URL="­Y"][/URL]

    that's the problem, they shouldn't be competing, the could augment each other..

    it would work, manchester's well busy, and in the summer people like to ride outside.

    it would be a great training ground, a place for school trips, kids and disadvantaged people, days out, club comps, all sorts of things..

    these councils are so blinkered.

  • My brother wearing a hemlet like Nakano's......

  • just as well DC didn't catch him holding the bars up there..

  • They were lovely bars too, Dawes Concorde, super short reach.....

    That's Pompey track so not completely OT...cropped myself out of the photo...although still in use it hasn't been resurfaced since this picture was taken (1980) I rode it last in 2005 and it's got a lot of patches now..

  • these outdoor tracks need surfacing with that rough stuff they use in Japan, it tears you to shreds if you crash (HTFU) but can be ridden in the wet.

    then we need regional keirin leagues on them, with betting and everything

  • Mind you don't OD on keirin, lad. You'll be wanting to learn Japanese soon..

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UK Velodrome Links

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