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  • Anyone going next week?
    I think its going to be bike porn overload by the looks of it
    I'm there 4 and 5th

  • Ooh, ooh! Can you do me a favour? If you pass the Casati and Nevi stands can you grab a brochure? I'm buying a new road bike and want to see what they are offering in 2009 before I make a decision. Will reward with beers.

  • if you tony dafone, kick him in the nuts :)

  • nawh i've still got a witcomb frame to sell so I owe him for jacking up the prices of the new ones.

  • What is this you are talking about, just curious, is it the bike show at Islington or something like that somewhere else?? Don't laugh if I am way off the track!

  • It's in Frederichshafen (sp?) in southern Germany. The London bikeshow, called the Cycle Show I think, is now at Earls Court around the 10th-12th of October.

  • oh cool , shit do you need money for that?? I guess you walk in with £1000 and leave oweing £2000. Think I will pop down and nosey.

  • Some fixed photo from Eurobike I've spotted that might be of interest:

    And a lot more here:­fixed-foreseeable

  • ^the green one with the bar/stem combo = unipack revamped, isn't it?

  • I went, spent the whole 4 days there, it just gets bigger & bigger every year.

    Got over 600 pic's of the show, just need the time to upload them to photobucket

  • It was truly huge - brooks had a polo bike on their stand with the EHCP saddle on..

    And apart from the myriad of other singlespeeds dotted about, Create got around paying for a stand by wheeling Unipacks about the show instead, trying to hand people "special spokecards".

  • Ha, cheeky fuckers! At least we now know they're actually made by functioning humans.

  • who's going this year then?

  • Pretty sure Scherrit is.

  • how long does it take to get there from zurich?

  • I'm there again with work = anyone want me too look out for stuff?

  • Yurp, I'm there for 2 days..... I will be spending quality time at the stands with loverly ladies, er, networking for business........

  • Posted elsewhere, but there's a great selection of shots from Eurobike here, laid out in a fashion that GA2G would approve of that means you don't have to trawl through 20 pages of photos to find the manufacturer you're interested in;­?f=146

  • i was there on friday. most impressing for me was the LOOK stand and the funny sprint from the 5th floor-guys

  • Rollapaluza Germany have just had a last-minute booking for Eurobike 2011, so I'll be there, anyone else?

  • I will be there. It will be a blast. or something.

  • 14bikeco will have a 20 strong contingent present....I'm tapping them up for info on the best parties, if there is such a thing at a trade fair, just keep me away from Ted.

  • If anyone wants to last-minute book me for Eurobike, I'll come and drink beer.

  • Anyone going this year....looking 90% that I'll be there again.

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