The most insane BMX video... ever!

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  • Also I feel safe saying this in here, no doubt Danny Macaskill is a very talented bike rider but I feel the stuff he got famous for was just BMX street riding on a trials bike.

    A lot of his stuff he's doing now is just an evolution of things Rooftop was doing in a similarly theatrical way 20 years ago.

  • What Danny is good at, is committing to get shit done, apparently his hay bale ride took over 400 tries to get it right. And yeah his style of riding is certainly taking cues from BMX.

    Didn't Rooftop make some dubious comments not so long ago?

  • Awesome thanks! Yeah that was great and kind of tragic, had more than his fair amount of shit that's for sure.

  • Fully agree on the NC front.
    Nice big flowy rhythm sections for me, with the odd stylish table or turndown.

  • World first ever quad backflip tailwhip by an adult on a scooter woo

  • scooter

    Is this troll?

  • No, nitro circus has a resident freestyle scooter rider.
    The trick was a joke though, I think

  • Wasn't actually aware of this video before now, ha

  • Any love for Mark Webb based on the above?

  • He's lucky rodeo peanut ain't about

    But I've got some time for the tech

  • Assume that's a pegs diss 😀.
    I quite like the fact he's doing what he does.

  • Nah not at all, his foot likes to creep it's where'd places. Like the top deck when he's stalling on the pedals. I'm just nitpicking tbh, he's got a solid inventory of park tricks and isn't boring to watch!

    Just, somehow, a bit forgettable.
    I don't think there's anything in that video I haven't seen him do in videos from 7 years ago.

  • @chrisbmx116 has a story about Mark Webb and his dad that I think I remember...

  • Yeah no problem I subscribed to his channel after he randomly popped up talking about going through some personal issues and losing sponsorship etc
    The vlogs he's doing now seem based around him just riding again and bringing on younger riders and I'm generally enjoying watching that. The reaction of the little kids in that video is a good example.
    Keiron Reilly'"s videos are in a similar place for me...

  • Ha, close, it was Ben hennon and his dad and they actually over heard us discussing and laughing about it and actually just laughed along rather than kick off which surprised me.

    I used to ride with webby when I was at uni and he couldn’t even do a proper three, crazy to see how far he’s come.
    I taught him whips at petersfield mini (half truth).

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The most insane BMX video... ever!

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