For Sale: Complete Fuji Track and some bmx bits

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  • I only ever rode it on the road. I have a set of drop bars as well, so with a quick change of bars it could very well be ridden at the track :)

  • sweet. where are you in london. would love to have a spin. obviously id like to see/ride it first but hows £250 sounding?

  • I'm in Surbiton (20 minutes from waterloo on the main line). £250 doesn't sound too bad, maybe add a couple tenners for the whole thing or £250 without the shoes and spare cxp33 rim.. something like that.

  • sounds like we will be able to work something out. the shoes will be an easy one to decide on. they will either fit or not! are you around on friday night or saturday morning?

    a few more Qu's:
    is the frame a respray or original?
    has the frame had to be drilled for the front break?
    is the real wheel free or fixed?

  • I can answer all of those questions for you :)

    1. frame has been resprayed;
    2. frame comes pre-drilled for front and rear brakes;
    3. the rear wheel is fixed.

    It's a fuji track, 07 I'm guessing, which looked like this originally:

  • How about frame only ? I have money now so I can pay up. Email me at

  • thanks asm :)

    lyons - yup, what he said.. I'll add that the respray isn't particularly fantastic, being primarily a bmxer I wasn't too concerned about paint other than disguising all the horrible fuji decals and making it less of a target for thieves. I know looks are slightly more important on fixies (ooooh!) so yeah :)

    asm has been pm'ing me about the bike for a couple days so I guess he has "dibs" if he decides to buy it, but ultimately, whoever decides to buy it first will have it! No fighting, kaay?

    Gedilicious - which frame? If it's one of the bmx frames, sure thing.. I'll keep trying to sell the fuji as a complete package for a few more days (weeks) though!

  • Got any pics of the BMX gear?

    I just sold some stuff so I know have some money.

  • unxetas - name your price and as long as it's not more than I can afford, I will buy your fuji track complete. I'm getting sick of not having a beater that fits! :)

  • is the shadow stem still around?

  • Looks like this thread is a couple of years old guys, nice work

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For Sale: Complete Fuji Track and some bmx bits

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