For Sale: Complete Fuji Track and some bmx bits

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  • Oh Hai Guize!

    So I'm leaving to Canada soon, so I need to get rid of some of the bikes. I'll probably take the trusty bmx with me on the plane so everything else is up for grabs.

    First up, my Fuji Track. 1 year old, a few bits replaced:

    56cm Fuji track frame and forks
    rpm cranks
    Time Attack pedals + 666 shoes size 8 (I think? will have to check later..)
    flat bars with red odyssey gedda II grips (comfyyyy)
    stock rear wheel, front wheel has CXP33 rim laced to stock hub.
    Victoria Rubino (pro's? not sure) tyres front and back.
    Spare brand new CXP33 rim.
    Those nice plastic mudguards, the ones everyone always recommends but damned if I can remember what they are.

    Frame and forks painted maroon (dark red), red grips and black everything else. Oh, red rubinos!

    Offers for now? Everythings in pretty good shape, I have barely touched the bike since February when I moved to this flat.

    Now the bmx bits - I have about a bike and a half worth of spares, some in better shape than others:

    -Fit flow 20.75" frame (aftermarket flow frame, not the crappy ones they had on completes). Nice condition, one dent on one of the chainstays. MidBB, Integrated headset.

    -Ilegal 21" frame ( great shape, no dents I believe, needs a paint job badly! Spanish BB, Integrated headset.

    -Odyssey race forks, best damn forks ever. Great condition, don't think they're even scratched? steerer tube cut quite short so might not work if you use an elementary stem, depending on which frame you're riding. Worked just fine with the ilegal.

    -Hoffman cassete laced to chrome sun big city rim, 48h, 14mm axle. 11t driver on the hub, a couple spokes missing. Axle has a mangled thread on one of the sides, you can either run a spacer between the frame and the axle nut, or just re-thread it.

    -Macneil taller lighter bars with slightly worn primo corey martines grips.

    -shadow attack stem, older version

    -wellgo mg1 pedals, missing a bunch of pins.

    -macneil pivotal post (cut pretty short) and capital seat with the usual mangled nose!

    -integrated headset, might have 2 actually..

    -19mm spanish bb, not sure if I have a mid as well.

    That's about it.. might have a few more bits, but these are the major ones. Make offers or ask about bundles :)

  • how much for the fuji roughly?

  • mainly for all the extra bits (rims, pedals, shoes and mudguards which are all in great condition), I'd like to get as close to £300 as possible.. But I'm pretty flexible I guess :)

    ah, forgot to say it also comes with a shimano front brake (cheap and cheerful) and a dirt harry lever + ody linear cable

    oh - the sprocket is also aftermarket, probably a 19t cnc steel something or other.

  • How many holes on the spare CXP33, and are you up for selling it separately?

  • idea of how much your after for a bmx frame, headset, forks and bars?

  • 32h, silver. I'll wait a couple days to see if anyone wants it with the full bike, but feel free to make an offer?

    I've also got a bunch of ACI Alpina spokes 292mm I believe - enough to lace a 32h wheel and a few spares. They're the right size for cxp33 to low flange formula hubs

  • deadly fanny pack - hmm around £120? I could throw in a front wheel with that as well - primo sob 10mm sealed hub laced to 48h alex mx22 rim. Old but still spins like butter.

  • what colour is the shadow attack stem?

  • 'tis black!

  • You still got them bars? How many dorrah?

  • what size shoes?

  • mdizzle - they're 42 European size, 8.5 US. Doesn't say what that is in UK size though.. By the way, they're 661 shoes! Black and red..

    Benjos - Still got everything, which bars though? Macneil's? No idea, make an offer?

  • too small, sorry!

  • offers guys, it'll go pretty cheap!

  • can i get more details on the stems? are they 1in or 1 and 1/8th, and clamp dia plz.

    sorry if these are stupid questions, but im not a bmx guy, just putting some thing together for polo

  • so are people using bmx bikes for polo these days? nice..

    the shadow attack stem is 1 and 1/8th. That's the fork's steerer tube diameter, and it'll fit just about any bmx bars out there. They're all more or less the same size :)

  • not using a bmx for polo, im putting a bmx stem on my polo bike.... or maybe not, i just wanted a short one. any way i need an 1in steerer

  • hey, the fuji still around?
    picture maybe?

  • do you still have the odessey race forks? If so im interested. How much? Possibly in the fit frame as well.

  • are the rims still around??

  • rideordie - yup, still have everything on here.. £90 for the fit frame and forks. If you pick it up, I'll let you take a few of the smaller bits that I'm not gonna bother selling (slightly messed up profile cranks, seat, post.. stuff like that. Pick one or something!)

  • and pic of the bike.. old pic, but it really hasn't been ridden much at all since then. shame really..

  • or i could get a whole new bmx.... never had a bmx...

  • you know you want one. It'll be trendy in a few months, what with the olympics and all :)

  • do you ride the Fuji on road or just track. ?

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For Sale: Complete Fuji Track and some bmx bits

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