Nursery for New Members

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  • Hi all,

    New member joining the community today, I'm planning a rebuild of part of the stable and it looks like this is the place to get involved with such things.


  • Hi all, I'm from Croatia and I have questions :) I bet you all love boobs.

    I don't this isn't that kind of forum
    they like questions here though

  • fair enuff!

    just arrived here (although came across before when first googled "fixed gear") and still wobblin on my first fixie...

    really, no mods?! I don my hat! ;)

  • New arrival +1. Nice place you got here...

  • .

    really, no mods?! I don my hat! ;)

    Better than mods
    We have a benign ruler and

    So watch out!

  • Hi there.

    New here too. Been lurking for a while but figured I should start taking a more active role given I spend a fair few hours on here each day!

  • Welcome on board the friendliest forum on the interwebz. Note that you're not limited to post in the nursery :)

  • Hi
    New here, been lurking for a while.
    A awsome place here :)
    Cheers from Denmark

  • cool idea!
    thanks VB

  • Wow this place is very interesting.

  • post.

  • sounds like a fair way to do it

  • ok.

  • Okay.

  • Hello every one.
    Long time reader but just registered.
    The forums is very active and fun ;)

    I have been a member for longer than 24h and posted more than 3 times but Im still in the nursery. Any idea why?

  • It got fixed, thank you all :)

  • Hey guys,

    Aussie cyclist living in Singapore, found the LFGSS forum last week and spent some downtime at work reading through the CP monster thread, some seriously nice bikes in there and equally funny banter. :)

    About to start a SS build, will share with you all after I graduate from nursery.

  • Hello, I'm guessing this is where I leave my first post...

  • Hey,
    First time to the forum.
    Looks interesting!

  • I'll start by posting here then

    Found this site in a desperate google search for a set of single Shimano-stamped chainring bolts. I'll have a poke around for a bit until I'm allowed to start a wanted thread :)



  • Also new here and hopefully losing my nursery training wheels soon :) Lurked for a long time but hopefully now will start contributing.



    Hmmm… Surely, refusing to use google products means you ARE smart?

  • good place to start. I'm new to London and excited to start cycling here

  • Hello, hi. Just having a look around and noticed your categories. How much crime/wacness does someone have to commit to get slightly/fully neg repped?

    I'm interested in buying something from a slight person. Just wondering if it means they might overcharge a bit or whether that they might turn-up with 'a mate' and a hammer.

  • Hello from Spain!

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Nursery for New Members

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