Nursery for New Members

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  • want mine instead? :D

  • As someone we all know would say; neither are prime.

  • My ID has 2 prime factors.
    ...and 2 is one of them.

  • The first prime on the forum is dt.

    Though id 2 is available, I could auction that.

  • I can't believe that people with userid less than 2500 have never got round to saying anything.
    That's some lurking.

    They are clearly thieves.


  • I like this idea...does this count as a post? :-)

  • I like this idea...does this count as a post? :-)

    Yes. But read that first post carefully... if you just post 5 dumb posts in here... you get kicked. The best way is not to try... just go and respond to stuff when you have something to say and you'll have full permissions in no time.

  • hhowlitt
    4 posts in ten minutes, all meaningless sub-spam.



    Do not pass go?

    fifth post 'homemade sushi is the best'. Right.

  • Oh, I see. I take it back Skullz. Kill it in the head!

  • You should challenge him to a fight.

  • I challenge Balki to a fight.

  • The "Im a lover, not a fighter - ask your mum" gag has been used already, right?

  • Oh... haha! I just checked the thread... Used by you Hippy!

  • Yep. I out loved you.

  • Wouldnt be the first time thats happened to me*.

    *dont really know what that is supposed to mean.

  • right, now im stuck in the nursery for 2 days... wtf?

    I've been a silent viewer of this forum for ages, now just wanted to post a "wanted for" add for a bike as am in the need of a pub bike... anyone have one around that they may want to sell me??

  • Why not latch onto another "wanted: bike" thread?


  • yellowbanana, if you'd posted when the mood took you in theads that amused or enraged you, you'd be out of the nursery by now. (not really being harsh, just in a joking way mind)
    just find a suitable thread and add your needs onto that, is the easiest way, as long as you don't dredge up a thread from 2007 you should be safe from the forum guardians/guard dogs

    welcome and don't be too despondent, keep looking in the ebay/craigslist thread to keep you occupied, plenty of good bikes in there..

  • Mr Blackfoot, I must take exception to your assertion about guardians/guard dogs lurking here in the Nursery. Some of us are simply here to offer sweets and a lift home.

  • ^my mum told me about people like you

  • I bet she didn't. Ther is nobody quit like Balki. Grrrrr, he's a tiger.

  • I think that post is even more disturbing than mine...

  • i guess andy liked those sweets...

  • They leave a very bitter after taste though.

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Nursery for New Members

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