E Fucking bay!

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  • Ok. i dont understand, some one has somethin to sell so they put it on ebay and then as if to say here you go forum im doing you a favour have a look at my stuff. it really fucks me off greedy Fucking shitheads want all the money they can possibally get. put somethin on here with your price and such first person to pm you gets the goods or do you wait for a week and let people bid?

  • I always bid in the last minutes - cheaper.

  • I always bid in the last minutes - cheaper.

    I like to bid after it has been sold, much cheaper.

  • I just steal from tynan once he has picked up his post bid trophy. Cheaper still.

  • I bid early, to the most I would be prepared to pay. and only look back after the sale.

  • Fuck paying for it..I got my self some jaws of life from an unlocked fire engine... priceless!

  • You complain like a child on fire whos only wish is to feel but 1 beautiful moment in life. Fire will birth and snuff you out.

  • Strong first comment

  • 13 years too.

  • That's one for The Book I reckon

  • That's not a dredge, that's forum paleontology.

  • 13 years too.

    That's a lot of pent-up aggression being vented.

    u ok, user136503?

  • I have to wonder what search led to the discovery of this thread. I mean 13 year old stuff just never makes it to the search results.

  • As sweary as we are around here? Not even close to the top result.

  • Good point. Perhaps it's a chem sex reference, or they have a fetish for all things electric?

  • *whose

  • what a thread

  • chem sex reference

    Now you've done it - typing that in here

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E Fucking bay!

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