• just realized that this thread might be more appropriate to post this, nah, anyway hub jobby

    improvised spray booth and prime coat

    finished candy pieces

  • That aint armourtex tho innit.

  • its just a re-spray thread, not specifically armourtex

  • lugs look great,

  • Which components are you using, if I may ask?

  • does anyone know if there is a minimum spend at armourtex? i just need my frame laquered, which if i recall is £15?

  • I doubt they'd do that.
    when i went, the guy working at the time said they often get people asking to just powder coat forks and armourtex decline due to it not being financially worth their while.
    Wouldn't do any harm to ask though.

  • Standard flat white and pillar box red (don't know the RAL codes)

  • Nice, where?

  • Thanks :)

    C&G Finishes in Liverpool

  • Gorgeous, pistolpedro.

  • Which components are you using, if I may ask?

    Mostly budget stuff. System EX on open sports, no-name cranks, B-17 - that sort of thing.

    The lugs are pretty schweet, especially the crown. It looks great all freshly faced and reamed.

    Will post pics of the final build.

  • Has anyone ever got anything done at Armourtex in a colour approximating Bianchi Celeste? I want to get my Bianchi done, but am unsure which RAL code is the best match.

    Looking at their site I'd say Opaline Green 275 on the BS381C is the closest but it's very hard to say.

    Unfortunately I can't take it in for a colour match because its current colour is a metallic blue, and I want to revert it to celeste.

    Recommendations or photos would be much appreciated. Many Thanks!

  • I would definite search on some kind of Bianchi forum for the actual (or closest) RAL code... It's the kind of colour where if it were slightly off it might not be right at all.

  • Just quickly googled myself and came up with this:

    "The closest RAL colour is RAL 6027"

  • Thanks Superprecise.

    I found that 6027 recommendation in google too, couldn't find it on the Armourtex page as it keeps hanging in my browser, but just saw it now after a second look.

    If anyone here has tried that I'd be interested to hear their thoughts.

    By the way Superprecise I was admiring your Mercian on Flickr the other day while trying to find some examples for mudguard fitting - it's beautiful!

  • Thank you kindly. A lot of thought went into that paint choice I can tell you! And even then it was not exactly what I was expecting, though still very nice, so it just goes to show that it's not 100% controllable.

    FWIW Mercian do a colour called 'Bianchi Blue', if you decided you wanted to splash some cash on a nice enamel paintjob. No. 35:

  • Thinking of getting my kelly done in RAL 6019...

  • I plan to powdercoat an old frame with chromed fork ends and crown. Can Armourtex paid the rest of the fork leaving the chromed area paid free?

  • Yes, make sure you make it clear to them though, ask them to mask is off, dont expect them to be able to do fancy masking off though.

    all second hand information, gained through reading this thread UTFS

  • How much are Armourtex charging these days for frame and fork?

    Are those Mercian colours the same as Armourtex offer?

  • Hello fixie people!

    I'm currently building my first fixie, and I'm using an old Triumph touring frame that I bought when I was 10. Fotunately I haven't grown much since then so it still fits. Anyway, Now that I've ridden it a few thousand miles, and now stripped off the gear mechs, the brakes, and the mudguards an everything, the original red paint is a bit chipped and faded. I either want to touch it up very accurately, or take the paint off. I can't see the point for a cheap conversion to pay for a powdercoat or anything. Has anybody else tryed to strip all of the paint off? Does it look at all good? I'm really quite stuch about this :/

    Anything appreciated

  • fixie people?

    not worth using a touring frame as your first fixed wheel bicycle, you're better off just trying to get a cheap road bike like a Peugeot or Raleigh that'll work better.

    believe me, a 'fixie' touring frame from the 50's will handle like a bizarre whippet.

  • Hello fixie people!

    I'm currently building my first fixie, and I'm using an old Triumph touring frame that I bought when I was 10. Fotunately I haven't grown much since then so it still fits. ...
    Anything appreciated

    Luke, are you 12?

    the Fixie People

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Powder coating - Aurum / Vaz / Armourtex / Respray gallery

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