• Does anyone have a recommendation for a firm that could strip back a painted carbon frameset to raw carbon, then apply decals and clear coat? Don’t want to pay £700-odd to Kustomflow, etc

  • With carbon the prep is the majority of the expense. No shortcuts, labour intensive. You could try stripping it yourself, this guy has tutorials:


  • It looks horrendous!

  • Random Question: Anyone found a RAL that's a good approximation of the Cinelli Lazer metallic blue?

  • Has anyone had just a fork powder coated? Any idea on cost?

  • Also going to dm, really need to get my frame finished.

  • I have discovered that he picks up from my work occasionally so I won't need to come to you @fly but thanks for letting me if I needed

  • No Prob dude.

    Will reply now @chrisbmx116

  • Are there any recommended powder coaters in West London?

  • Not bike specialist by any means, but I've heard surrey coatings is decent, and good value too, might be worth a punt, based in Shepperton.

  • I want to finally get my old Raleigh resprayed by Mario. I am designing custom decals and somebody suggested H Lloyd Cycles for making these.
    Steve from H Lloyd recommended vinyl decals.
    What are other people using? Should I get the decals first so Mario can add a layer of clear coat on top? Or do I just stick them on like regular stickers?

  • Defo get the decals first - they'll last better under the clear coat. I've used H Lloyd decals without issue.

  • 🙌🏻 Cheers. Will do.

  • Can anybody point me in the direction of a respray place that can preserve decals while doing it?

    Bought a bike frame in a colour I hate, but that doesn't come in another colour and they don't sell replacement decals.

    Could get a replacement set made up custom I suppose, but wondered if this was an option first.

  • Ey up.

    Apologies if you already got this sorted.

    If you ant to preserve the original decal appearance, a good refinisher will take extensive photos, possibly trace over the frame, scan those tracings in and digitally re-create them in order to then make stencils so they can paint your graphics back on.

    We do this occasionally at http://www.quinntessentialcustomsworksho­p.com when necessary.

    Feel free to drop us an email and we can have a chat about it.

  • 😂 you guys are painting the bike I was asking about this for!

  • I've rethought the idea of a respray and thinking about getting my genesis vagabond stripped down to raw metal and then coated with something to protect it. Any recommendations for somewhere that could do that, preferably in w London?

  • late reply but ive done a few for my customers

  • Where's a good place to get my ol' 90s steel mtb a new paint job? Somewhere SE London ideally and not to spendy. Just looking to get a single colour on there to hide away the rusty bits?

  • Winston in Hither Green is probably your best bet. Just had a frame powder coated & it was about £120 - varonha.co.uk

  • i'd have some questions regarding a blast-powdercoat-decal job for a 853 frame. the manufacturer has provided me with ink transfer type decals, which i believe are supposed to be laid under the clearcoat. can aurum sort this?

    excuse my elementary knowledge, but how does one go about instructing the painter on the colour? i'd like to get as close as possible a match with one of the manufacturer's colours (see photo below). is there a way to determine the colour's code from this photo? if not, is the painter able to figure out a close enough match upon presenting the photo? or should i reach out to the manufacturer for a code? please enlighten me.

  • I was told that you can't have decals underneath a clear powder coat as the heat involved basically melts/ruins them. It might be possible to go powder coat > decals > wet lacquer but I'm not sure. I ended up just having a single powder coat and I've not yet applied the decals I got!

    To match the colour, if you can find a RAL number that would help the coating place, but they can probably match it near enough or give you a colour chart to compare it to.

  • Not sure where to ask this. But i'm thinking of having a Reynolds 853 frame (Genesis day one) sandblasted then clear coated, going for the raw look similar to the clear coated raw Mash Work frames. Would those steps work or does sandblasting reduce the steel to silver/ grey?

    How is that slightly oxidized raw look achieved? Thanks

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Powder coating - Aurum / Vaz / Armourtex / Respray gallery

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