Powder coating - Aurum / Vaz / Armourtex / Respray gallery

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  • I love powder. Single colours on metal bikes should always be powder.

    It doesn't require the same skill set as wet paint and has lots of industrial applications so as a result, there are hundreds of powder coaters in the country who quite honestly shouldn't be allowed near bikes.

    Aurum knows their stuff and the results speak volumes.

  • Cheers, I went with Villain Ride Co ‘cause they’re local.

  • If they mask all the threads and get the thing shiny, then they're doing it right!

  • Wow, what an extremely comprehensive comment!

  • For those keen, Paul has a brief glossary of paint and finishing terms to help people get to grips with what is possible on a wet-spray bike.


    There's a little related pic and a small bit of blurb.

    This is a constantly growing list and I'm adding to it as I can.
    People can't always ask for things if they don't now they exist, so we're always keen to get more on there.

    If there's a term or an idea you're not familiar with and you think it could be useful on the page, let me know and I'll find time to put it in there.

  • Slightly off-topic but does anyone know if Stayer/Aurum require a fully stripped down frame for a couple of fork brazeons?

    I'd like to get some done for a rack but I'd rather not have to dismantle the entire bike.

  • Slightly off-topic but does anyone know if Stayer/Aurum require a fully stripped down frame for a couple of fork brazeons?

    As an update to this, Stayer aren't currently taking work on for Aurum.

    "I'm afraid we are no longer taking on repairs and adaptations to frames as the workshop is fully booked with Stayer builds at the moment."

  • I don't really understand this, do you mean can you have fork stuff done with the HS baseplate / race thing still installed? If you don't want to then paint it wholly, probably. Seems a bit strange, only one thing to remove to strip the fork.

  • Really enjoyed reading @privatepatterson 's thoughts on custom paint. I really like having bikes painted, but I've never done anything flash really apart from a silly bit of chrome and flam on a vintagey track bike. The stuff about lining lugs and box-lining and other vintagey whatnot is really interesting. I'm never gonna have one of these schmancy new build bikes with kerazy artistry where the paint costs a grand, but even more now makes me think I'll never have anything but a single colour powder ever again, as I only really ever want second hand bikes. And probably best to just leave the old paint in whatever state it's in. Basically, just don't bother with anything too nice. The fact that all the people mentioned are really booked up means it's like pimping a car or something, it's not very individual really and you look a bit of a div. <<<< I fully appreciate i am a proper div.

    In the words of the uberdiv Luke Una:
    Stop showing off no-one cares.

  • Sorry for any confusion, Stayer aren't taking any work on at all for Aurum currently, regardless of fork status!

  • Still clear as mud tbf.

  • I didn't want my fork painted - I wanted braze-ons only done by Aurum. I was hoping he could add these without stripping the bike down fully.

  • Are you asking if you can just send your fork off for braze-ons?

  • Is it best to call or email steve @ aurum?

  • Probably email. I dont think hes ever picked up the phone for me.

  • Totally on board with this thinking.

    It's not so strict in bicycles but in guitars its certainly true and with some automotive scenarios also, the original paint adds value, even if it's fucked... it suggest that the frame hasn't been fucked with... but in the case of bikes, it can suggest that it hasn't been looked after.

    If you're spending thousands on a custom build or some carbon frame with a wireless satnav Tesla groupset that wins races without being pedalled, then £1,500 on a custom finish isn't ridiculous.

    If you've scored a bargain steel frame on eBay for £300 and you've got a NOS groupset in your shed, then you're likely not going to be in the market for a full custom wet-paint finish. You'll want to be looking at Vaz, powder options, aftermarket replica vinyl transfers, even a decent DIY job if you're handy with tools and got a garden to make a mess in.

    It's also worth pondering this thought...

    If you spend £1,500 on a wet paint finish, it won't add £1,500 to the resale value of your bike... when you wanna sell a house, you tend to want to anonymise it and paint it neutral colours and clear out all the space so that potential buyers can envision how they might use it. If you put mad wallpaper up and paint your bathroom pink or slap carpets over hardwood floors, the new owner will ask for a reduction simply because they're going to fix your fashion faux pas!

  • This is a great resource! Thanks for sharing.

  • Great briefing, thanks!

  • Has anyone had a frame / carbon fork done at Aurum? Steve is saying the f&f will be a slightly different colour - just wanted to see some examples of this / if anyone else had any experience.

  • He did this for me

    However, Im pretty sure he did it all in 'wet' spray

  • Can you even heat carbon?

  • Can you even heat carbon?

  • Yes

  • and Yes

  • thanks! is there a difference between fork and frame in terms of colour? I guess the wet spray is not very durable though..

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Powder coating - Aurum / Vaz / Armourtex / Respray gallery

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