Powder coating - Aurum / Vaz / Armourtex / Respray gallery

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  • Vaz can get frames blasted pretty cheaply. Can't remember how much he charged me as it was a while ago, but it was very reasonable

  • Does anyone know if Powder can be successfully masked for colour contrast bits? Seem to remember some powder wizard is able, Aurum Steve I think. Was thinking of whole tubes contrasting, not panels or fades or anything.

  • https://www.lfgss.com/comments/15703423/­

    If they can do it with chrome, then probably with paint. Or maybe they use something to stop the paint adhering to the chrome bits.

  • Also anyone know if Steve at Aurum can do any textures/effects on the powder coats?

    Looking for a crackle/hammer texture for something.

  • Guess you just asked Aurum? I'd like to know if he has colour samples you can actually see.

  • Does powder coat harden over time after curing?
    My frame was finished last night and thinking of taking it to a bike shop tomorrow, would chipping be less likely if I waited a little longer?

  • Does powder coat harden over time after curing?

    No. Unlike wet paints, where the polymerisation process continues for a while, a powder coat finish melts fine beads of pigment together in the oven. Once it's cooled down, that's as good as it's going to get.

  • Anyone reccomend Powder Coaters in Bristol ?

  • Not quite, many powder coats use polymerization (epoxy or polyester resins) but I believe most of that happens at oven temperature.

  • Another excellent job by Steve

    He added a bottle boss on the top tube renforcement

    And did an excellent job on some cranks too:

  • Anybody have photos (and RAL references) for a flat metallic silver powder coat that would look like raw alloy?

  • https://www.lfgss.com/comments/15928004/­

    This was posted in the genesis thread and I think it looks very like a clear coat, at least in that picture. It's metallic bronze apparently. Unfortunately it's not a RAL colour but something to go on.

  • Maybe ral7001 silver grey would work, closest I can see.

  • I have a matte grey carbon seatpost that I'd like to make glossy black - what's the best way to do this? I have no idea about oven temperatures etc, and suspect that any kind of paint will wrinkle up as soon as the post goes into the frame.... Is this a job for Aurum / Mario? how do these Bespoked people do it?

    (It's easy enough to remove most of hardware but there is one alloy part that has to stay).

  • Have a look for 9007 aluminium grey - i've seen it done flat and metallic, never used it myself but the name came up when I was looking for a grey a while back.

  • Looking to get my gravel bike resprayed - 853 steel, carbon forks. Who's the go-to at the moment?

  • The answer is in the thread title, gravel is the one use I'd have for powdercoat, it is much tougher than paint.

  • Aurum users - do you have to go through Stayer or Clever Mike? I can't raise Aurum by phone

  • he doesnt really pick up the phone, email is best if you want to contact him

  • Thanks. Do you have the email? if yes pls dm

  • In my experience he barely ever answers the phone and can be a bit hit and miss with email's if he doesnt seem to recognise the address. If you're stuggling ask Clever Mike to email him for you, he knows them and so actually replies quickly.

  • I literally had no problem contacting Aurum.

    He starts at 7, just go down there and knock on the door.

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Powder coating - Aurum / Vaz / Armourtex / Respray gallery

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