• Can anyone pm me a contact number for Steve at Aurum?

  • Oh yes - thanks!

  • I ordered a Dolan PC in gunmetal grey just because they didn't offer any colours I like. I am thinking of getting the frame and fork resprayed and decals removed.

    After reading half of this thread which mainly talks about Armourtex I found out that they are not as good as they used to be?
    So is the right place to go Steve at Aurum via Cloud 9 or Stayer Cycles if you're in London?

  • Or Clever Mike if they're closer to you, but yes.

  • My understanding is that Steve at Arurum USED to be the main guy at Armourtex.
    I'm not sure what happened exactly, but the original premises got sold and Steve went out on his own.
    There used to be a website with the Armourtex name for some industrial power coaters in Tottenham but now there is a shop in hackney, whether that's the same people I don't know. In the original location they had a bike shop too...

    The evidence I've seen so far is that without Steve they don't have the same skills in not hiding fine details under a thick coat, proper masking, protecting threads.

    Aurum now does some basic modifications too, I'm getting him to add several eyelets before painting. Will post results here.

  • Aurum is the best, he has done 7/8 frames for me now, all immaculate and turned around in a week or less!

    Armourtex are shite, they did a frame for me earlier in the year, finish was no better than steve and took 6 weeks to get back (6 fing weeks!) and cost almost 2.5 times what steve asks

    Go to steve (aurum) !

  • I just spoke to Cloud 9 and they told me they charge 100£ to strip down the bike send it to Steve and assemble it back once it is painted. Steve charges around 250£. The whole thing ends up being very costly. Damned inflation, in the beginning of this thread I read people were paying around 75£ to get the painting job done.

  • Hmm that doesn't sound right.

    Clever Mike took the frame to him and I think it was around £120 including a clear lacquer. I don't know if they took a cut for taking it down there, I doubt they did but even if so it must have been small.

    Can you dismantle and build the back bike up yourself?

  • yeah thats not what i have paid.

    Use the 100 to buy a bunch of tools, spend a day undoing things then you have a skill for life.

  • he has done 7/8 frames

    Let’s see some pics!

  • I have no clue how to assemble a bike, it require a ton of tools and knowledge.

  • Does Clever Mike strip down and assemble the bike?

  • I'm sure they would if you paid them. It looks like a full strip down and reassemble is £145, then the cost of the paint on top. Send them an email.

    But I agree with @Biggles567 spend the money on some tools and do it yourself. If you're interested in bikes enough to want to get one painted, it's a skill worth having.

  • I have no clue how to assemble a bike, it require a ton of tools and knowledge.

    You can do it, i believe in you. Youtube has all the info you need, a lifetime of paying other people to do your mechanich-ing is a lot of money that could be spent on more bikes!

  • theres a few in this thread


    And another 3 that i havent yet got round to posting but will

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  • Nice! I love the repurposing of that pink fork, goes well.

  • What is the RAL for the purple/lilac on the first frame? It looks awesome!

  • 100£ to strip down the bike send it to Steve and assemble it back once it is painted

    That sounds like good value to me- the cost for a strip down, postage and rebuild

  • Sorry for the late reply its, ral4007. I actually really hate the colour haha on that bike. Ima get it re done at some point as i have some modifications to make on that frame anyway

  • No worries.

    Steve now also provides a strip and rebuild service.

    I'd like to learn how to do it myself and slowly have been buying a few tools. It is a far bigger investment than the 120£ he charges. A decent torque wrench alone, that can go up to 60nm, can cost that amount, for example the Park tool TW 6.2!

    As for the paint job, does anyone know why painting a carbon fork is so expensive?

  • If you have the basic tools and some cable cutters you should be able to strip it down to just the f&f, bb, crankset and headset fairly easily and then get Steve/lbs to do the rest. That saved me a few quid when I had my steel Condor done.

  • As for the paint job, does anyone know why painting a carbon fork is so expensive?

    Possibly because Steel or Aluminium frames can be media blasted to remove all of the existing paint and rust etc but carbon forks need sanding and prepping by hand which takes a lot more work
    As well as the fact you can't powdercoat carbon so it'll be colour matched wet paint (if you were having the frame powder coated)

  • So finally I got my Dolan frame painted by Steve and he did a wonderful job, took him only a week! I can't recommend him highly enough.

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