Shaving, Wet shave vs electric

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  • Thanks. Will give it a try when I next shave my beard off.

  • Can anyone recommend a decent electric beard trimmer?

  • I have one of these or something similar. In fact I have two, since I bought another thinking the first had broken, when it hadn't.

  • Got the same ^ a few weeks ago - I'm satisfied with it.

  • Don’t shave, use a trimmer. Keep the hairs at stubble length so they’re outside of your skin and brush them up and down with a beard brush so they don’t get stuck.

  • Cheers chaps.

  • Can anyone help me out with this, I have a safety razor (fantastic thing) but anyway. It has started to go a bit, green I guess around where the razor clamps down and around the opening by the razor.

    Am I doing something wrong storing this thing? Its kept in the bathroom, as much as I love shaving with these I'd rather not drag the green (whatever it is) all over my face and would happily buy another if needbe.

    Edit - just to add I store it in the little box that came with it under the bathroom sink.

  • Not sure what you're referring to by green, but for my rather simple razor that can dirty I just scrub it with some soap and an old toothbrush.

  • Also I don't suppose anyone is interested in taking my samples I got recently? I'd say there's enough for a 1-2 shaves with the Zingari Man ones, 1-2 with Barrbarr and then 3-4 with Cheshire and Lonestar. Wouldn't want too much, £6 or so delivered.

    I also have an unused bar of Stirling hand/bath soap I don't really need, as I went back to mine and realised I had a bar of B&M's Bay Rum

  • Looks like it could be rust or the start off.

    I'll give it a good clean and see where that gets me.

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Shaving, Wet shave vs electric

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