Shaving, Wet shave vs electric

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  • Just so I know, does anyone else on this thread shave with a straight?

    Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

  • I'd say it's more about the style. Whatever wet/dry option you can stretch to. The ones with the cleaning/charging station are better. I have the 7000 series­haver-series-7000-wet-and-dry-electric-s­haver

    This is the guarantee but it is only for the 7000 or 9000 series­/shaving.html

  • I think it's the style of the shavers. The foil types are a bit like DE/cartridge razors in that you can push too hard and cut below the surface. You can't really do that with the rotary head style shavers so you end up with whiskers cut more flush with the surface.

    But the fact that you can wet shave with them is really what works. It's the only way that I use mine. So you still get all of the good stuff from lather without cutting too deep.

    It's also considerably faster and I haven't nicked my face once. Now my skin has adjusted, I'm even at the point where I am simply using bog standard shave cream in a can. I don't really need any of the more expensive stuff. It's become much simpler.


    Yes you need the cleaner and you need to use it daily. So you'll need the counter/cabinet space with the power lead so it will compete with toothbrush chargers for plug time. But the cleaning cartridges last me about 2-3 months.

    Also the included sideburn trimmer is rubbish. A complete waste of time. I am using up the remaining cartridge razors I have for that purpose. The consumption rate on those is so glacial that I might never use them all before I shuffle off this mortal coil.

    Seriously, wish I had done it years ago.

  • Cheers. I'll give this some thought.

  • Not used this standard Muhle R89 in years – thought I’d see if it’s of any interest here for £25 posted before eBay.

    Two small marks on the cap, original box and instructions. More photos here.

    Now closed/moved to eBay. Ta :)

  • good advice here thanks. Just having splurged well over £100 on a Braun wet/dry foil shaver last year, I don't think I will go for another expensive shaver quite yet. Have tried wet shaving with the Braun and doing the hot towel thing before shaving, and so far it really helped. Used a totally overpriced product called 'Jack Black Beard lube' (snigger away...) that I ordered in my desperation, but it works well with the electric shaver in that it doesn't foam or lather.

  • also random reading on reddit about shaving and folliculitis, there seems to be no consensus on whether foil or rotary shaver is better for folliculitis. It's funny because 'better' here means a less close shave

  • Go to a good Turkish barber (e.g. Jeff's on Great Suffolk St) and get a wet shave with a straight.

    If you don't get the bumps after that, then PM me!

  • haha ok not sure why I should pm you :) but I have to say that I am half-Turkish so had my fair share of barbershop shaves... with varying results.

  • Fair enough.

  • Lovely aquatic scent on this one

  • I do, but currently use one that takes replaceable blades. I’d like to upgrade to a proper one. Would rather spend money on one with a decent blade but basic handle. What is good and which shops offer decent advice?

  • I rate The Invisible Edge, who are based in Malvern (handy for you).

    They have loads of stuff in stock, but this looks like a good entry level razor, with a (safer for beginners) round tip:­ght-razors/medium-size-straight-razors/b­oker-classic-straight-razor-58

  • Possible they are no longer in Malvern, it seems.

  • The artwork/packaging for all of them is absolutely brilliant, really.

    Managed to pick up the Rawr aftershave the other day, and a few samples of their other stuff. Enjoyed Barrbarr as I do with most barbershop scents, but not so keen on Lonestar; leather just doesn't do it for me

  • I got a stainless Dovo razor from there. Great tip

    Do you find you managed to strop better on one side of the blade to the other? I got a paddle strop and find if I hold the razor in my right hand I get an uneven sharpening but it is somewhat better when I use my left (non dominant) hand for this purpose.

  • I use a flexible strop, which I hook into the towel rail and hold taut with my left hand.

    TBH, when I first started shaving with a straight, I was a lot more bothered about stropping technique than I am now.

    Just strop the thing and shave with it, is my view now. 20 to 30 strokes before and after use.

    How are you getting on with the actual shaving technique? OK with your non-dominant hand?

    Enjoying it?

  • Show us a pic?

  • Reminds me, I should post a picture of my straight / kamisori collection.

  • Was used to a shavette so it’s not been too bad. Last week I used it to trim and tidy my beard. Today I decided to go clean shaven. A couple of tiny nicks and one patch where I kept trying to use the not so sharp side of the blade and just exfoliated skin but didn’t remove hair until I flipped the razor over.

    I had forgotten how immediately after the shave it can feel like almost medium grade sandpaper but after an hour or so suddenly face feels totally smooth and clean.

  • Does anyone else struggle with using a safety razor on the last bit of their top lip closest to the nose?

    (using a Edwin Jagger DE)

  • It’s about pulling as much of the top lip in to your mouth and pulling nose upward to get skin taught and to open up so you can get the blade as angled as possible

  • Given that my kamisori are only sharpened on one side of the blade, I'd say that the "dull side of the razor" you are experiencing is more likely down to a technique / angle of blade thing, rather than a metal thing.

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Shaving, Wet shave vs electric

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