Shaving, Wet shave vs electric

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  • I bought my last batch quite a few years ago but at that time each blade was paper wrapped, packed in cardboard cartons of 5, which were in a cellophane-wrapped larger carton. Can't guarantee that it's the same now, but the pictures look the same at least.

  • Posting to say I love all things Barrister and Mann, particularly the Seville line. Citrus and herbs is as good as it gets really

  • Me. I have this problem in spades. If I dont get a shave right I have ingrowing hairs and even abscesses within days. I have a genetic quirk that means instead of one hair in each follicle I have between 2 and 6!

    The only thing that works for me is to properly steam and soak my face for a good few minutes before shaving. And I mean properly steam it. In terms of the shave itself I have to use a DE blade as any Gillette style lift and cut blades just send stubble under the skin. I also use King of shaves oil and a Gillette gel on top of that. Lube is key. Oh and change your blade every two shaves.

    I have tried so many things and this is what works for me. If I dont allow my shave to take nearly ten minutes, all bets are off.

  • I have used Skin Doctors' Ingrow Go in the past, not for very long. It's not very pleasant to use (it's isopropyl alcohol-based, disc brake cleaner basically...) but was efficient when I needed it.

    Of course as @Stonehedge illustrated technique is also key.

  • Polsilver and Gillette Platinum come in paper packaging too. If you come across any NOS Gillette Bleue Extra please let me know...

  • Thanks I have been getting the best results with a brain foil razor as opposed to DE blade, but that might be down to my terrible technique. Will give the steaming a try, but god this is frustrating. I am 33 and it looks like I am still having acne breakouts...

  • Thanks will look it up. I have been using copious amounts of rubbing alcohol to keep the blades and razor clean but not used on the skin itself.

    In my desperation I have even thought about buying depilatory cream but I am scared of burning my face hehe

  • I've got a bottle of 99% isopropyl...might give it a lash ;)

  • I hear you. I'm the same at 39.

    Steaming does work really well for me....hope it helps you.

  • I actually think I tried similar products to no avail... wish I could just grow a proper beard but sadly not follically blessed in that area

  • Thanks, hope so too!
    I am definitely not trying any more antibiotics, which is what most gps and dermatologists suggest. Didn’t do anything for me except make me feel terrible

  • I used to use a combination of Feather razors, skin prep, almond shave cream and Kiehl's anti-bump post shave stuff. This was after I swore off the Braun razors after some bad experiences.

    I took the plunge on a Philips electric shaver out of frustration. Holy shit. Life changing. Wish I had done it years ago.

    They do a money back guarantee thing too which makes it easier to try it out.

  • From looking at what I have lying around Dorco and Treet also come in card as do most Gillette ones.

  • will do - little google task for monday, thanks

  • I used to get bumps, ingrowing hairs, razor rash etc.

    Completely solved it by switching to straight razor shaving.

    It's a commitment, but it works (for me) and is very enjoyable. I haven't shaved with anything else for nearly a decade. (Except once on holiday in an emergency. It was awful.)

    Added bonus, it's a hobby and you can buy beautiful razors.

    Also, as far as I am concerned, it's cool as fuck.

  • Lube is key.


  • Anyway. Any recommendations for a styptic pencil?

    As they are mostly a much of a muchness I'm looking for ease of use and storage for a overnight bag.

  • Much of a muchness. Boots do them IIRC.

  • styptic pencil?

    I use a blue Nix one.

    It's the 2nd styptic pencil I've had. Exactly the same as my previous from a different brand. Both came in a hard plastic lip balm style tube.

  • Astra Superior Platinum are the best I've found. Feathers I thought were almost too sharp for me.

    I preferred Astra but when I ran out, I only had Feathers left and I take it all back. First time I used them I was a little inexperienced with my DE razor.

    Now I've got used to it I'd say the Feathers are far better than anything else. I do still cut myself from time to time, mainly not concentrating though...

  • As someone who is still new to it all, I've put the Feathers aside from the sample box. Enjoying Gillette 7o Clocks right now

  • Proraso Shave Cut Healing Gel is great, I don't bother with anything else now. It's only 10ml too.

  • Feather do a very cheap plastic razor that is super mild and unsurprisingly is great with their blades.

  • What price range Phillips makes sense, I know from Braun that the entry class shavers are pretty crappy?

  • I haven't tried a shaver for 15 or more years but they used to be terrible for ingrowing hairs. I would have been better off dry shaving with a bic compared to the cheapo ones I tried back then!

    What's the secret?

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Shaving, Wet shave vs electric

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