Shaving, Wet shave vs electric

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  • Maybe my limited use, or lack of experience with more sophisticated options, but this has never come loose and doesn’t clog too badly. Haven’t had any issues the last couple of months with it but I only shave the neck each week or fortnightly.

  • Would anybody have a use for 50 Astra blades? Yours, posted, for the price of a couple of beers forum donation.

    Astra are some of the most liked DE blades available and I enjoyed using the first 50 (I bought 100) but have discovered that Feather blades are much more suitable for my face.

    CSB and oversharing alert. Whilst I don't have the densest face hair, I have a condition called Pili Multigemini (­gemini) which means that I have anything from two to five hairs growing out of each hair follicle on my body. An Astra blade tends to last about 5 to 10 shaves for most people, but I can only manage one shave out of one before it goes blunt. The Feather blades last for 2 to 3 shaves for me (instead of about 7 to 12 for most people).

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  • PM me your particulars and i'll pop 'em in the post.

  • Although not sure how much they are worth, two beer forum donation might be too much...

  • Yup, only cost about £4 so call it £2 to the forum

  • Curses! That's my preferred blade and I could do with a few more.

  • Buy some stickers off me next week when the blades have arrived, and I might be kind enough to chuck some prison currency in for you.

  • Dropped my Edwin Jagger DE89 and the thread from the top bit of the head snapped.

    A google brought up customizable heads­ggard-razors-customizable-four-head-bund­le/

    Not sure I have the will on a Monday to geek out on this, so if anyone knows of a suitable aftermarket head it would be apricated. I've dropped a msg about spare parts, so we'll see what they say.

    Pretty annoying, although interesting my OH's pound shop/similar razor actually seemed better on 3 day growth than my mac3 razor I use for travelling.

    Edit: bit of a slow morning reading fail on my part, people in that thread have had a good experience with emailing EJ directly.

  • Any recommendations for beard trimmers? My previous one has died and the little Wahl one I bought as a temporary replacement isn't going to cut it long term.

    Preferably rechargeable although not too fussed if it's powered by a shaver socket.

  • What length of beard are you wanting to trim to? I've had success with several beard trimmers up to a certain amount of growth, but at around 1cm or more, hair clippers seem to cope far better.

  • This is my most recent one. Seems to cut well, and has plenty of adjustment.

  • Not that long. Probably about 6mm or so.

  • was about to pull the trigger on another tub of Benny's shave cream (first tub was gift along with a mug and DE razor and brush) and thought I'd check out other brands online first. Then randomly saw Palmolive shave cream tube in supermarket for £2 and thought I'd try it out

    so good, for the money its an absolute steal

    damn, missed out on those Astra blades :/

  • Tbh, I've found cordless hairclippers more efficient, even at shorter lengths. Main problem is the combs protrude so much that you cant really do the moustache area without it them going up your nose. Also bulkier if you want to travel with them.

    I've had an older version of these that worked well until the battery died after a couple of years. The newer lithium ion one should be better.

  • Cheers, I'll have a look at those two. I already tend to trim the mustache freehand as attached combs get in the way.

  • Anyone got any experience with straight razor restorations? I've inherited one from my grandpa but it's in a bad shape. Rust, pitting etc. I want to clean it up (doesn't have to be shave ready but just want to preserve it) but realise I might need to get a pro to do it. Any good services where I can post the razor to from Belgium?

  • Would it not be easier to take it to a knife sharpener in Belgium and ask their opinion?

  • I've not found someone reliable yet, still looking though!

  • If anybody want to try a safety razor, this is a fantastic deal from Wilkinson Sword for a starter kit.

  • Thanks - ordered..

    Been meaning to try this for a while

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Shaving, Wet shave vs electric

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