Shaving, Wet shave vs electric

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  • What do people use to cut a beard right back? I tend to go a bit feast and famine WRT shaving; I normally use a Merkur DE razor, but if I've got a couple of months' growth on there it's a bit of a pain to hack it all off. I gather open comb designs are a bit less likely to clog - anyone use one of these?

  • Cheers, bulk buys look reasonably priced.

  • Electric beard trimmer and then finish off with the razor.

    TK Maxx always have a load for about £10-£15.

  • Nothing beats a straight razor for hacking off long beard.

    Nowhere to get cuttings all caught up, sharp enough to zip through your Desperate Dan beard hairs.


  • Clippers or beard trimmer.

  • anyone recommend a good wet razor? My Braun series 5 foil and cutter badly need replacing but in meantime I need a shave so was considering getting something from Boots at lunchtime - is the Bulldog one anygood or just gimmick (bamboo handle) - I have tres sensitive skin and tendency to get ingrowing hairs that turn into spots


  • Personally I'd go with a safety razor, I found that the ones with multiple blades, etc didn't help at all with ingrowing hairs. You may be restricted to one of these at Boots­assic-double-edge-razor-10057058 but they're OK.

  • On electric beard trimmers, any recommendations for trimmers that give a decent, uniform length? Either rechargeable or shaver socket powered.

    I find that the one I use at the moment doesn't always lift all the hair so can end up with a bit of an uneven trim.

  • @EB - Edwin Jagger DE89 with feather blades.

    See post here:­

    Honestly don't bother with anything other than a traditional safety razor.

  • Oh just noticed you need something for lunch.

    Personally I'd get what ever is on a deal and just do it carefully with very hot water.

  • cheers fellas for suggestions - I didn't get out at lunch will check after work though

  • Imo avoid braun they are shit. Philips are the best

  • I went with the metal Wilkinson's double edge - so far so good, although their soap I don't think is all that, doesn't lather much

  • I bought one of those not long ago on holidays (assuming it's the same) and found it harsher than my usual razors, although it is mitigated by using it with own blades, which are not very sharp.
    If you want to try the opposite (mild razor, sharp blades), the Feather Popular is only £9 on Ebay, from Japan.

    While we're on the subject, if anyone knows where I can find some now-discontinued Gillette Bleue Extra, I'm all ears, as I don't have many left and nothing else works as well for me :-(

  • Cheers. Looking at the one I have it's a Philips.

    Anyone tried Wahl?

  • I tried those Japanese Feather blades the other day. Not for me at all, they ripped me to shreds. Far worse than the standard Wilkinson Sword I had before

    Maybe it's the razor I have them on. A Barney's DE

  • They're crazy sharp ... I can't deal with them either ... I use Astra Superior Platinum and they've been great, very cheap if bought in bulk

  • Maybe it's the razor I have them on.

    Doubt it.

    It will be a combination of your facial hair, skin, face shape and technique. If they don't work for you, they won't work for you.

  • Feathers are ragged as fuck. I like polisilver super iridium, still very sharp but much smoother.

  • Yes and no. I have a Feather Popular razor (the plastic £8 one off Ebay everyone should start with) and the angle is very "safe". As such it makes the use of their sharp blades much more friendlier.

  • Different razors definitely make a difference to how the blades feel. The plastic wilkinson sword one is very unagressive(?) for instance. The Merkur travel one I have is a little more aggressive than my standard merkur one I own.

  • On an unrelated note, do airport security have issues with DE razor blades in hand luggage? I always just take a disposable razor with me when I'm going with hand luggage but would be interested to know what the view is.

  • Yes they will. I have seen them remove disposables razors from carry bags in the past. You might get lucky but chances are they will find them. Then you have to look for blades when you get to your destination, etc....­throw/Static/PDF/Departures/Prohibited_I­tems_public_guidance_170311.pdf

  • Also, since we are talking about Feather blades, I have a few boxes of them I need to get rid of along with a couple of Merkur 38C shavers. If anyone is interested please let me know via PM.

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Shaving, Wet shave vs electric

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