Fixing Punctures / Puncture Repair / Exploding Tubes

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  • but I prefer to finish at the valve so I can push the valve in as I seat the last bit of the tyre bead.


    prevent pinching the inner tube when it get tougher to push the tyres in, especially when using the levers.

  • If you do it the other way around it's less tough, the valve is already seated properly and levers should only ever come out to get the tyre off not on so there is not pinching.


  • Find me a combo I can't get on with my thumbs and I'll show you how I fix that situation...

  • This wheel nut won't come off. It was tight so I stamped on the spanner to loosen it, but now when I turn the nut, the hex part on the inside of the track end also turns (and so does the tapering part next to that). The nut still isn't coming off. Looks like an LBS job to me, but can any of you tell me what's wrong with it?

    Edit: picture hasn't uploaded.
    Edit: can't remember my Flickr password.

  • Bastard bloody punctures.

    The single speed bike had a flat so I went to change it, grabbed a brand new spare tube, intending to install that and fix the other.

    Remove chain, wheel and tyre, pull out tube. Pump it up and listen for hiss. No hiss. Pump it up more, no hiss. Immerse it in water, no bubbles. Oh well, I'll leave it pumped up whilst I chuck the other tube in, and see if it stays pumped up.

    Install new tube. Install wheel. Hang chain. Tighten bolts. Pump up tube. Hissssss. Grrr.

    Remove chain, wheel, remove tyre, remove tube. Pump up tube. It's failed at the seam. Grrrr. Check tyre where the hole is, nothing sharp. OK, it was a dodgy tube.

    The original tube is still holding air. Cool, I'll put that back in and see what happens. Maybe one of my kids just let the tyre down, or I didn't do up the valve or whatever.

    Install original tube, install tyre, install wheel, hang chain, tighten bolts, adjust brakes.

    Pump up tube. Looking good. Pressure going up nicely. Hang on, what's that? Oh shit, the wire bead wasn't seated. We have major tube bulge going on here. Quick, try to get pump off valve and release pressure. Head near tube. Fucking Huge Bang. In my face. Agggh. Ringing ears, talc in face and eyes. Grrrrrrrrr.

    OK. I'm going to sort this out. Because now I am angry.

    Patch the new tube with the failed seam. Test inflate the tube with the patch. It holds air, looking good.

    Remove chain. Remove wheel. Remove tyre. Remove ragged ass exploded tube.

    Install patched tube. Install tyre. Install wheel. Adjust brakes. Tighten bolts. Pump up tyre. Hissssss.

    Fuck this. Throw bike, pump, tools, work stand in the shed and leave it for another day or probably a bike shop.

  • Someone I know at work keeps getting pinch flats, for reasons.
    I simply told them to ride faster and they'd avoid them.
    I am going straight to hell.

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Fixing Punctures / Puncture Repair / Exploding Tubes

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