• does anyone have a spare pair of one inch threaded forks, preferably uncut. i can pay cash, but don't really want to pay to much, so make me an offer first, thanks.

  • go to BLB they have a huge selection of forks new and old, I got a set for £30 quid.

  • thanks, i might try and get down to them next week or something.

  • if you got a headset spanner i have some, black with some minor scratches only used them about a month, yours for a fiver

  • well, i could possibly try and find a headset spanner, i wont be able to pick them up for a week, but i would definatly be interested.

  • I do have a few - feel free to come round and check. I live in Stockwell SW9

  • i have a head set spanner you can borrow SE1

  • i have a head set spanner you can borrow SE1

    Don't suppose you have a rocket tool (is that the correct name?) for removing 1" headsets that I could rent for beer?

  • no, but i have other ways of getting it out, and a diy rocket is easy to make you just need a slightly less then 1 inch die piece of pipe and a hack saw.

  • How would one combine the pipe and hacksaw to create this tool?

  • hack saw a + across one open end of the pipe, saw about 1/2 to 3/4th the way down, then bend the four bits out wards a bit, file all the rough parts smooth if ya can be asked, or just wear gloves when handling it.

    use as you would a rocket

  • a flat head screwdriver and a hammer works well if your careful.

  • True, a rocket tool makes life very easy though!

    Pull through>pings into place>hit with hammer>job done.

    Thanks for the advice Chris.

  • @Chris Crash are you gonna be at sw beers this evening? if so i live round the corner and could drag my frame out
    @ joel whenever's good for you i'm not in a rush

  • @rat, not this week, proably next, if your south you can pick up the tool some time, i live just off southwark bridge rd.

  • thanks ratboy and roberto, ill be back by monday so will come and sort everything out then.

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Wanted: Anyone got a spare pair of forks for sale?

Posted by Avatar for danger_joel @danger_joel