Suspicious Ebay / Gumtree Sales

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  • Post dodgy offerings here
    We can both monitor and record possibly stolen bikes (screen grabs etc) for future record (Gumtree ads can be edited).

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  • ha... karl or carl has this... he turns up at polo, saw this on Saturday. Dunno if hes on the forum.

  • there are worse than that!

  • Post them then, anything dodgy.

  • bit of a witch hunt, if someone (who some people know) posts a conversion for £250.

    langster for £100 with no info, then yes.

  • Well this would be a good place for anything suspicious.

  • just posted this in the ebay finds thread...

    does anyone recognize this/know if it's stolen?

    this is the listing for it so i'm suspicious because of the spelling

    this is a single speed track bike and its is made from ultra iite weight reynold 531 tubing and the fork ti reynold 531 limited and its in very good condition and
    it is a smooth ride .


    SAN MARCO : seat
    GOLD FINGER:break lever
    WEELS:rims anbrosio and hubs ambrosio
    CARBON:seat post
    [steel frame] size large


  • Just because someone is a bit bad at spelling doesnt make them a thief!!

  • yeah but i figured that if you'd spent you time building it up then you'd be a bit more careful when selling it. Also the mos of parts named are those that would have the name of the part on them, suggesting the 'theif' has just looked over the bike and detailed what he can read...

    edit: i dont think he is, he's also selling­1.html which if it's a conversion then he may have removed from the bike unless they are stolen too...

  • WEELS:rims anbrosio and hubs ambrosio
    This is exactly what i would type,
    however to me it would look like WEHELS:rims ambrosio and hubs ambrosio
    although having the spell check turned on in firefox saves alot of these problems.

  • I came acros this guy that calls himself Carl. Check his gumtree ads here:­845 and all the bikes his selling now. Maybe it's just me, but he doesn't seem to be a legit seller.
    His selling multiple bikes all claiming to be his or his wife's, giving reasons for sale such as knee surgery, family holiday, moving houses etc. And all of the bikes are dirt cheap and have to go ASAP. No way one person can have 10 different types of bikes at the time.

    There was this Fuji Track 2.0 as new, listed initially for £350, then next day £330, the day after £300. Contacted the person, asking is the bike still on sale, he didn't seem to know about which one was I talking about. This made me very suspicious...

    The bikes are sold in two locations: either Brick Lane or Tower Hamlets

    My apologies if I'm accusing a genuine seller, but I think someone else should have a look at this.

  • Hmm. Does seem a bit strange. Might be worth pasting the link in the stolen bikes thread in case anyone recognises any of them.

    If it is a dodgy seller, he differs in the amount of info he gives on each bike, but then all you need is a quick google search I suppose.

  • Not entirely linked to this thread but I'm selling a bike on gumtree. Never done it before and niggling worry the guy is going to try and do a runner. Is it ok to refuse a test ride unless they stump up the full price?

  • Forgot to mention obviously someone replied to my ad and wants to meet up..... They have changed the location since their initial response as well, suspicious?

  • Take a friend, public place, get all the cash first as a deposit, take a picture with phone.

  • Video would be better as you could probably start filming without being noticed as you walk up to meet the buyer.

  • Thanks. I think I'm going to get there first then I can lock the bike up and be ready when they arrive so they don't see me coming. Meeting outside kingsland station so will be plenty people around. They probably won't turn up now!

  • I was burgled 4 years ago, they took £15k worth of bikes, wheels etc, among those stolen was a Terry Dolan track bike, in burnt orange, only 1 in the world it appeared on Ebay about 9 months later, Ebay and the Police did fuck all! The guy was selling from Wimbledon, (build-a-bike-today) he might be a legitimate seller, but he had my stolen bike, never got it back, I'll find it one day and when I do.......................

  • This Koga Miyata seems to be listed in a rather suspicious manner:­-speed-rebuild-bike/1119850040

  • I can't work out how to deal with a fraudulent seller through ebay's very specific complaints procedure.

    I bought something (stabilisers) by auction, at a bargain price. He claimed they'd been stolen and refunded me. Lo and behold, a few months later, he's selling them again at a higher (fixed) price.

    I don't really care if I get them or not but I want him to get bollocked by ebay - he lied so he wouldn't have to complete a contract we had made where he felt he was receiving under value...

    Anyone know how to make a general complaint? It doesn't seem to fit in any of their navigable drop down menus...

    Thank you

  • If there is a route to complain about that, it's probably more hassle than it's really worth to find it.

    Just let it go and add the seller to your block list.

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Suspicious Ebay / Gumtree Sales

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