Look what I just got in the post

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  • Wiggle sell lifeline black or white brake outers, 30m for £12 or so FYI

  • Also got 30m of black crap from Wiggle.

    The Weinmann stuff, although probably made in the same factory, appears to be of better quality.

    Also the clear colour looks great on pretty much all bikes.

  • Cool, just thought it would be handy for you since you do a lot of rebuilds but I guess you already knew about it :)

  • 650b. Welcome

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  • Sweet. I just bought some Teravail. Can't wait to try them out.

  • Are those CST cruiser tyres any good? I suspect they weigh a ton.

  • I really like them. They’re monster though, super big and yes pretty heavy.

    I’ve been meaning to buy a second pair for when i wear through the first, because they roll very well for silly duties.

    (That weight is a single tyre...!)

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  • Wow, thats pretty heavy. They're dead cheap though. Perfect for a beater bike.

  • That’s the metropolitan fat tyres though. Super jumbo, mind. Probably four or five times the amount of rubber on a regular road tyre.

    I have a set of the £2.99 ‘crusier’ (sic) on the way, they’re much smaller so likely lighter. Limited to two per order tho. Stupidly didn’t order some previous orders. Will weigh on arrival.

  • I see, I meant the Metropolitain.

    Are you talking about those Brown Kenda things on PX?

  • Yea. Gonna see what the Kendas are like.

    But really, the Metro’s are huge, beware of clearance on whatever bike you use. They are practically balloons.

    I can get the calipers on them later if you need.

  • Welcome to the year 2000

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  • Good by clicks and groans (hopefully) from the bottom bracket. Hello Campy smooth goodness

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  • Is the UI any good on this?

    I got a Roberts DAB and its a pain in the arse to use. To select a new station I have to press 'Station' then 'OK' then scroll through all of the stations in alphabetical order (really slowly). It has a preset but sometimes I just want to try out something new. I never get past B before I get fed up.

  • It's alphabetical, but has a quick scrolling wheel. I can send you a video of it if you like?

    I paid <£50 for it from richer sounds

  • One of these things from HK. Saw the advert on IG so searched ebay for the cheapest knockoff. Well surprised it came fully packaged. Feels okay for a piece of crap. (It’s a circle drawing thing).

    Oh also I went to buy a pack of plasters and the packaging gave me a papercut. Talk about creating your own demand...

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Look what I just got in the post

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