Paypal Questions - Help, Disputes, Transfer Money

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  • Is seller’s fee 2.9% or 3.4%? I am confused?

    And how does buyer’s protection actually work in real live?

    When I typed in their business email address, the protection icon comes up. This means they have a business PayPal account and my payments are protected?

    Very long story, I need to pay a sole trader to send me a product that they have already finished but keep fucking delaying to send it or send me any pics. It’s been a month with various excuses.

    The previous understanding was always that I’d do a bank transfer (like I have with the deposit and further instalments I paid) once they’d delivered. But they have turned a bit nasty because I am far from happy with the result as showed in the pics they sent as of Mon this week and they have admittedly they basically fucked it up, so we negotiated a small what they called “discount”, something I’d call compensation.

    so I am not really wanting to risk another bank transfer in case my product magically disappear “with the courier” or they magically get ill for another 3 weeks and not send my stuff.

    Happy to pay they seller’s fee as they are never going to pay that.

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  • Looking at buying a frame in Italy.

    PayPal has changed its terms recently though so sending money you are forced to use their currency conversion, which gouges you, plus cross border fee, plus the fucking seller fee equivalent. Ends up costing about 30 quid more before payment protection is taken into account. Used to be you could just opt out and get billed in Euros and get the bank rate but this has been removed.

    Who the fuck is going to keep using them? I could use TransferWise but then no payment protection... So annoying.

  • Does anyone have a contact email for paypal about their duties under section 75 of the consumer credit act? Has anyone tried to get paypal to accept this duty?


    Apparently not clearcut if you're just using them as a payment gateway.
    I'd guess different if it's money sitting in a paypal wallet (though guess that's not credit...)

  • PayPal have changed their stuff recently, now you have to phone verify every log in by text code or call unless thumbprint on my iPhone... annoying!

    However most annoying they have just randomly held a £450 payment ... but with no date when releasing or why?!

  • Bought an item from an online business (not on eBay), paid with PayPal, business took ages to send. Sent cancellation notice. Then they decided to post it.

    It arrived, I didn’t need it anymore, filled out returns form on businesses website, returned the item (Royal Mail special delivery). Royal Mail tracking states no one at that address. So item is being returned to me.

    Business doesn’t respond to my emails regarding returning the item or a correct address.

    PayPal said they can’t help me as buyers guarantee only covers item not being received or not as expected.

    What can I do?

  • Sell it case close

  • Anyone have a number or contact details for any paypal people in the UK.

    Or that can go off script?

  • PayPal has stopped sending 2fa texts to me. Anyone else had this?

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Paypal Questions - Help, Disputes, Transfer Money

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