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  • It looks really nice, bet you're happy!

  • I am!

  • jayloo, that's really awesome, it doesn't even need any colour.
    Give it a week or so for the itching, once it's scabbed a bit. Should pass in a few days after that.

  • Anyone got Dom Holmes' new book? The Painted Lady it's called.
    Anyhow, the feet on the back are ParryWifes, also her calves are in the book.
    She is rather pleased, and I am sharing her joy.

  • Nice tattoo Jenne!

    Thanks, Tika! And thanks unharmed and sumo! (I def need color though : ])

    ^^^ Looks lovely, really like the style and the lack of solid outlines. Looking forward to seeing it finished!
    I've got my own planned which has been on the books for about the same length of time, which I'm finally ready to start looking for artists for. I'll be keeping an eye on it for style inspiration if that is okay?

    Sure you can use that as style inspiration, I don't mind at all. I also need to take some photos of the top of it and of my back as I have a big piece on my right shoulder blade and am considering having this extended onto the left shoulder blade.

  • That's stunning jayloo. How long did it take you to work it out with the artist?

  • Hour in consultation last September, 1.5-2 hrs consultation/drawing on the day of. He's awesome! Printed all these photos and had them laying around the chair while doing it.

  • Yeah that's really nice Jayloo, barely looks like a tattoo.. I mean that in a good way

  • Thanks, guys! every time I put balm on it I squee, especially when I see the seeds. I'm really oging to have to sort out a close up of them, they're so LOVELY!!!

  • It's really lovely jayloo!

  • so good

  • That's awesome.

  • I knew I shouldn't have looked at this thread until after I'd seen you.
    Great work mrs.

  • I'd like something like this done, sometime soon...

    Dunno if it's a re:

  • I remember that level in Doom. Tough.

  • First time posting on this thread, this is my right arm. It's whatever, I love it.

  • And left leg, pretty much the most extravagant bike tattoo, nbd, haha.

  • so awesome YSB

  • Thanks man, yeah I love my tattoos, even my shitty ones.

  • Some really nice work there. I especially like the top of your arm. Mixture of artists?

  • Loliot smith

  • Nice! That wolf looks mean! I'm booked in to get another 2 hours on the back of my knee next Wednesday. I got the actual ditch finished last time so the rest should be plain sailing. I'd have booked a longer session but I can't really afford 2 hours, let alone more. I wonder if if I'll still get a discount even though I've broken up with girlfriend who's apprenticing there....

  • nice!

  • Some really nice work there. I especially like the top of your arm. Mixture of artists?

    Thanks magpie, yeah there were six people who did work on this arm. The top, and most of the arm, was done by Serene Temple. She is a rad tattooist based in Vegas, awesome girl, and cool friend.

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