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  • The inside of the bicep is strange because one area I could barely feel but 1cm away it was hell, I guess it's where the tendons and that are inside. Going up in to the armpit didn't hurt nearly as much as going towards the funny bone. I think the calves suck too and it's made worse by having to lie face down and not being able to read or anything to pass the time. Chest was OK but mine doesn't touch the ribs. It was pretty unpleasant trying to breath while being leant on with a needle though.

  • worst for me was the area around the hollow of the knee

  • Hip for me, was excruciating. Even with numbing cream, had to tap out with about half an hour to an hour to go of a 4hr session. Was sweating so much and living for the pauses as ink was added to the needle. No fun, tensing and gritting teeth to get through needle stroke.
    The journey back home on the tube was almost as bad, as the tattooing itself.

  • I've been ok so far (tattoos on back, outer thigh and inner foream) but I'm getting my inner bicep done next week so we'll see how that goes.

  • I have a wolf that goes from armpit down the inner bicep.
    Was fine.
    Only the paw hurt and that was nudging the funny bone.

  • Got this done today by Eric the Viking at King of Hearts. It's from a piece I saw at the British Museum's Feminine Power exhibition. It's by Hans Baldung and depicts witches in the black forest and is from around the era of the witch trials.

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  • Awesome! Love that.

  • Love a bit of goat polo.

  • This is great! Big fan of anything witchy.

  • Love it!

  • Just got this from my mate Steve Myles. Not as spicy as I was expecting! If anyone's free at 11 on Tuesday and wants to get something fun, he has space for a guest spot at Vagabond near Bethnal Green.

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  • Wicker Man?

  • Interesting how some of you had different pain experiences.

    Sternum crazy painful, spine/shoulders also crazy painful.

    Hoping this back-pain subsides before Friday, as we’re doing the left forearm and maybe bicep depending on time constraints.

  • Yeah it's odd isn't it? Steve was telling me the inner thigh is a fucking horrible bit to get tattooed so I freaked myself out a bit. It ended up being one of the easiest I've had in years.

  • It’s that time again…

    Left outer forearm finally getting filled.

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  • what is it? A panel from a comic?

  • Yea another Guido Crepax panel

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  • That reminds me, whatever happened to the draw your own accidents thread?

  • Also this tiny space filler in Afrikaans.

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  • Annoying cunt?

    (Not a dig, my Afrikaans is non existent but I vaguely remember being taught what was loosely translated to "fuck off you cunt" and that had mure in it)

  • It means “tomorrow is worse”, which became a bit of a catchphrase during a recent trip.

  • Like this a lot. Solid work.

    Tattoo adjacent news: spent some time at ScorpioMars yesterday drawing up a 6ft spiderweb onto the wall to make them a mirrored web in time for the studios second birthday in a few weeks.
    Nothing quite like being asked to do a job well outside your comfort zone but agreeing to it without question cos Malice and Co are all so utterly charming.
    Getting my other armpit done and dinner with Emily in return.

    I’ll post a pic of the fucking gigantic stencil we ended up making when I start making up templates tomorrow..

  • All the excellent. Well done

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