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  • Snow's all gone haha and I don't do sleeveless haha.

  • Anyone else get a fri13 in the end?
    Hard to get a pic where it’s not twisted but can assure y’all it’s straight ;)
    Obvs it’s another Malice cos I’m a creature of habit and that little fruitcake always makes my day when we hang out.

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  • Not this year but last. Upside down 13

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  • Are you sure that's definitely an "upside down 13"?

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  • Thanks. THANKS.

    Now that riff is stuck in my head.

  • razorblade is a nice filler.

  • My drunk stick and poke 13 from whenever the last time my birthday was a Friday. Usually you can only see Boyz because of short length, which is nice.

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  • I only have like 5 real tattoos. The other 50-60+ bits are all fillers. Kinda fucked up on that front but I do love a pocket money tat(as my old boss used to call my stuff)…

    @snottyotter that 13 is fucking ace.

    In other tattoo industry news(mostly aimed at those on here up north) it would appear that the owner of Workhouse in Sheffield is a predator and a huge pattern of abuse has emerged over the last couple of days. Almost everyone who works there left over the weekend, the person in question has had their guest spots elsewhere cancelled and yeah, doesn’t look good.
    I’m not here to spread gossip or anything but it seems like there’s some pretty serious allegations and lots of stories of low-level shit behaviour coming out.

    Probably worth avoiding for the foreseeable. I don’t have a horse in the race but have been treated like shit by a studio owner in the past.
    Tattooing should be inclusive and safe, not a place for shitbags to abuse their position of trust.­shid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

  • Not good that the problems have occurred (and I don't know exactly what, but it seems like a particularly large lump of shit has hit the fan), but good to see everyone else in the local tattoo scene reacting positively.

  • Has anyone had some big continuous work spread over years?

    I already have both arms and chest done but am starting to look at one massive (Samoan) piece covering both thighs (from the knees up), back, stomach and ribs to be done over a few years.

    I assume you’d want to line out the whole thing first over a series of day sessions and then just stagger the shading, or could you stagger the line work too?

    The obvious answer here is ‘speak to your artist’, which I absolutely will but wondered if there was anyone on here that’d done something similar.

  • No experience, but I imagine they would work on "sections" perhaps lining thighs, then shading, then lining back ,etc

  • My partner has her side done, ribs, arse to knee on both sides by different artists.
    One worked in sections the other lined out the whole piece in the first then shaded after.
    Both were 5-6 sessions all in.

  • Had full back and arse cheeks done. Lined in one session, then short sessions (2hrs is about my limit on sensitive places) as often as possible. I was going weekly, I found I just got in a rhythm with it. As soon as I leave it more than a few months the pain seems to increase!

  • Nice! What kind of work did she get out of interest? My sleeves/chest were just over 20h each and those are both heavy Japanese with a lot of blackwork.

    I know I want the rest to be one big piece, and I know the artist as he's already done my right leg. I also (maybe perversely) adore the process of getting tattoo'd so I want to go 2 or 3 times a year for several years to get it done rather than blast it all in a few months as this will likely be my last and will see me covered from knees to wrists.

  • finger tattoos, fade fast?
    (question, not what I want)

    Thinking about a Basquiat crown on the old wedding ring finger (I never wear my wedding ring)

  • One side is a big blackwork Tibetan wind horse with associated flowers/patterns etc by @nikkilollytattoo and the other side is a full colour Phoenix and portrait of Empress Wu Zetian by @lonerosetattoo.

    I would post pics but the only way to show them is nsfw lol

  • This is 3 years old, gets smashed around/chemicals spilled on in a workshop all week. Seems pretty solid still.
    Was machine, not handpoke and he went in hard. Was done by someone who got cancelled tho for being a creep so won’t name or recommend them.

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  • That guy's instagram feed is pretty wild 👍

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  • Oh I like that

  • Got to make a start on my lower arm(s), right hand is mostly covered; inside forearm, elbow and upper but I just can’t get a feel for how things sit on except from those classic one banger pieces from yesteryear…

    Black/grey, traditional style bold outlines etc

  • Was supposed to be getting something tomorrow, but the tattooist has cried off!
    Got himself a tattoo earlier this week and can't move his arm now.
    Might be next week but I'm pretty slammed
    Glad it was only a random, last minute appointment that was cancelled not someone who has been on his waiting list for months.

  • too many bottles of vasocaine 😂

  • Not everything is bad from the little shop on my high street, but I don't know why they post some of the stuff as advertisements on local Facebook groups.

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