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  • Do it. I’d take any Gen1

  • I’ve done the lucky dip at KidsLoveInk and well chuffed with it. I highly recommend random tats.

  • I'm getting closer to calling in and getting one.

    Really fancy a Magikarp, really don't want a Meowth.

    I'll leave it a few weeks and see what goes (11 down, 140 to go)

  • I hope you get a caterpie, and it has a lisp.

  • Got a chain link in a top hat. Mr Peanut vibes. I saw it on Instagram but have completely forgotten who drew it. Tell me if you know. Some bottles to fill the wee gap. I enjoy daft wee tattoos.

    Heading touring in the Balkans this summer and would like to pick up some small bits and pieces on the way. Anyone had experience of getting walk in tattoos in foreign lands? Straight forward?

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  • I’ve done walk ins and pre book around the world. It’s my fave souvenir..
    I generally look ahead on insta to see if there’s anyones work I like the look of and give them the vague dates I’ll be there but never had an issue.
    Good way to hang out with locals

  • Couple of fun ones from yesterday. Very obsessed with the demon head.

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  • Demon head is great looks like it’ll sit really nicely on the arm once settled

  • Thank you. I’m interested to see how the yellow settles. I’ve had touched of yellow in other tattoos but not this much in a solid block.

  • Anyone know of London shops doing Friday the 13th flash this Friday?

  • ScorpioMars is I think. Dunno if it’ll be booked or walk in.
    I wouldn’t mind somewhere doing tiny bangers. I’m guessing the minimum charge now means £13 tats are a think of the past.

    If anywhere else pops up doing them post em here!

  • Ta. The last time I got one was 2013 and even then it was 30£ if I remember right.

  • I got my 13th tattoo on Friday 13th (of a 13)

  • Yeah I’ve def seen £31 and £130 in previous years. Seems the setup cost means teeny tiny fillers etc aren’t really a thing any more. Especially now some of the brutal-style handpoke artists charge serious money for something many would consider laughable but to each there own.

  • Just got minotaurn.

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  • clean work.
    Loves me some whip shading.

  • Almost done, half a day next month and we’re there.

    This session was a complete redo of an older existing tattoo to make sure it would be one complete, even finish.

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  • That’s hardcore man

  • Nice work. Thought you had some form of fancy mask on until I realised it was head phones 😁

  • They’re still fancy haha! Cheers!

    Music is only thing that can keep me distracted during these long sessions. Just focusing on the guitars or the drums ie

  • Go big or go home right?

  • I expect a pic - sleeveless with the helmet on in the snow 😁

  • skulls and roses never get old :-)

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