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  • Had to tap out after 3-4(?) hours
    The blackwork was done, and shading going in, but the swelling was deeply unpleasant and going over the same area was grim.
    Colour on the 2nd visit was much easier.

  • My dream is get a tattoo from Peter Lagergren
    I did have an email exchange with him, but couldn't get any dates to coincide.
    Sweden though, so not easy these days.

    Also, Chris Strick but only came onto my radar when he flounced to Sraya.

  • I really like lagergren but decided he’s a bit too cartoony for me. Strick looks good.

    Xam seems to have evolved a bit from the more trad stuff but still too trad for me.

    Jean Le Roux is already on my shortlist.

  • re. Jean Le Roux: if it makes any difference, my wife had some work from him a few years back and he was really nice. Seems to exist slightly outside the usual cliquey world of tattooists and just does his thing which I consider a plus. That said I've not followed him particularly closely since then, so all that could now be untrue of course

  • That does make a difference. It’s quite an intimate experience getting tattooed and if they are a good person to hang with makes it all the better.

    What was he like for pricing and such? What did your wife get out of interest?

  • Always loved Peters work. Not quite something I’d get but definitely super cool stuff.

    Also, tattoos in Scandinavia make London seem cheap.

  • This was a few years back, when he was at Black Garden, so pricing definitely not the same. I think he’d actually just finished his apprenticeship - he used to be an illustrator and got into tattooing later.

    She reckons she’s let it have a bit too much sun (also slightly shit photo by me)

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  • Had a couple added to my legs this week by my favourite tattoo guy. Thoughts of the soon to be family life and memory of a great bike tour. Just over 4 hours (I swore I would never do more than 2 again) but Dave the guy I use has a light touch and great chat.

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  • Both great but I love the kinda high looking tiger the most, he's staring deep into my soul.

  • Who’s good for swirly/interesting script in London? Nothing big or ridiculous, just one word needs doing.
    Someone with a background in graff just as interesting to me.

  • Maybe the tiger thinks you might have some snacks to share? If you do, watch out for the raccoon cos he’ll be off with them.

  • Anyone know a good website or such like that I can use to see what certain words in certain fonts looks like in a circle?

  • I imagine you can just download the fonts and piss about in paint or word or whatever.

  • First in a few years! Rebooked for next month too!

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  • Anyone got the scoop on why @lunag_ri got cancelled? There was a vague statement on The Circles insta but nothing more.
    His insta and all trace of him is gone so assume it was pretty intense..

    My partner half had him in mind for a sleeve but guess that’s not happening now.

  • That’s the back started then…

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  • Had a couple of fun ones done this week. Hands at Magical Tattoo in Taos, New Mexico and the dog at Martlett in Los Angeles.

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