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  • Jesus, that’s a serious session. You’re a tough mofo.
    I did 8h on my back (first day of a 3 day endeavour) and then another few hours the next day. Third day my back was so swollen and messy with all the slimey stuff we only did 2h. The guy said we both learned a lesson - never doing such long sessions again and definitely not tattooing/getting tattooed few days in a row. I’m fairly covered up and have my legs, chest, arm done, but this 3 day back job was a traumatic experience. For me and the artist.

  • Oof, rather you than me 😅 I’m pretty scared of starting on my back tbh. That convention session was nearly ten years ago, was definitely easier to suck it up back then. That said, the nipple shading session was about 30 mins then tap out

  • After many years of getting tattoos, considering 5-6h sessions on my legs/arms easy... the back thing broke me. I only got 2 small things in my arm since and got pretty anxious before each one 😂

  • I had both hands done in the same session last September, and as far as I could have told, Harry “the hammer” Robbins was just smashing my mitts in a car door. I think next time I’m in the hot seat I may experience some kind of ptsd

  • Ouch! Got some pictures?

  • This was the immediate aftermath, so a bit sore:­

  • So, a couple of lines then 😬

    I like these “simple” designs, good placement too and looks like it’s pretty much guaranteed to last a lifetime. Solid 👌

  • Haha I’ve jus opened a new wee spot with him and another mate in trongate.

  • Anxiety.
    I would quite like a cover-up / new thing.

    As someone who jumped out of the dentist chair the last time they went, what can I do to minimise any "fuckkkk this" noise.

  • Netflix, noise cancelling headphones?
    Apologise in advance to the holder of the gun?

  • Find someone who uses one of those fancy quiet machines?

  • Valium?

  • Some artists are more down with using pain relief than others, but most of the ones I know have a few sprays around while they’re working. Generally the skin needs to be broken before they’re applied though

  • Numbing creams can be pretty good for really painful areas. I've only used one once and makes a big difference.

  • Had some numbing cream on the big piece on my side/hip/thigh and would recommend. But it depends on how bony the area where you’re getting tattooed. Bonier, bones close to skin see if they have any/use any, if it’s a fleshy area you might be able to get away without.
    I usually take me kindle and read whilst the tattooing is being done during a long session..

  • I think this is the only way. It's not pain. It's more closeness and invasiveness before the dull pain.

  • I've not had loads of bad ones in bad places but the healing after always seems worse than the actual tattoo, at least that is temporary and apart from going over sore bits seems mostly fine

  • Anyone on here had their ears done?
    Mine are booked in just wondering what to expect. It’s a handpoke so I’m guessing it’ll be fine compared to all the piercings I had banged into my ears as a yoot.

    I imagine is just like getting ‘tabs!!’ at school when someone sneaks up and flicks your ears but for ages.

  • Anyone see Eric Estlund of Winter Bicycles @ Bespoked a couple of years ago- he is going full black I think (apart from some contrasting natural skin ) half of his ears were done so i wonder what he looks like now!

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  • Ooof. That’s gnarly.
    I’m just getting some dots n sparkles type stuff so assume it’ll be fine, just wondering.

  • I’m sure that women is immortal! Swear I read an article about her years ago where she was described as ‘probably in her late 90s’

  • Here's my arm from last September. Was done in 2 days. Hope to get it finished this year, already have plans for the inner part.

  • What's the cost of tattoos like in Budapest?

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