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  • Antonio Vela
    *Not the painful hungover one

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  • At the top of the Pfitscherjoch pass, Zillertal Alps. By Jess Oxley.

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  • I know some of you on here hand poke yourselves. I’m intrigued...
    Malice has offered to let me tattoo myself under her supervision next time we hang out but still interested in maybe giving it a try.

    I’ve been handpoked so know the mechanics of it but how do you actually do it? Were y’all taught by others or just YouTube video and go for it?

  • I had my back outlined on the second day of a 2 day hangover on Monday and it was awful. I wouldnt contemplate getting it done with a fresh hangover. So much harder to get the head in the right place.

  • Nice! Liking all her Ghibli stuff too, shown my wife and I think she's already trying to set aside money.

  • I have some v dodgy attempts from when I was 17 with a Stanley knife. They were cuts with ink rubbed in but they are still here 16 years later.

  • Definitely a lesson learned. Was it your whole back? Ouch

  • Yeah whole back, after about 10 mins I had enough but just had to stick with it. It was only about 3 more hours of pain, he wanted to do another hour but once he had outlined the stencil I tapped out.

  • I've only tapped out once, and that was after ~3 hours on my knee.
    Longest was 6-7 hours on my thigh, reckon I could have carried on, but took another 2+ hours on my 2nd visit so glad we called it when we did.

  • When talking about these long ass sessions it’s important to note the artist is the real hero!
    They can’t get pissed/stoned/fucked on tramadol and codeine while listening to podcasts etc to pass the time. They just gotta concentrate and put up with us twitchy bastards all day long!

  • I once did 8 hours on my chest and belly, the only reason I managed to stick it out was because it was during a convention and I couldn’t let the world see my pain 😂

  • Codeine you say? I think I have some of that, might have to take a few before the next session.

  • Just sort of keep poking until you feel a pop. You're tattooed enough to know what a freshly tattooed line/dot should roughly look like so jab hard enough for it to look like that, it's not particularly complicated! I'm sure you'll be fine, especially with an expert there to watch over you. What are you thinking of doing?

  • Cock and balls, classic stick and poke.

  • Ah, very traditional, lovely.

  • Might as well just go all in and use the machine if you've access to it though, no?

  • They can’t get pissed/stoned/fucked

    yes they can and they do 🙂

  • Cheers for that, good info.
    Yeah I’m sure it all makes sense as you go along. Everyone who’s hand poked me has kinda jabbed, then flicked up and out kinda? Does that make sense...

    @snottyotter probably. It’s not like I don’t already have a cock n balls tat(part of a larger piece)

    @jakemcree I will probably when Malice shows me but might try a few dots and sparkles at home myself.

    Ultimately my partner and I want to tattoo our names on eachother for the lols..

  • Really liked those sleeves from Guy

    ..another one -

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  • Ears booked in with @slowpokes
    She does a lot of them and guesting in London in June.
    Cos my hair is super dark and long I didn’t want anything too bold like a lot of folks tend to have.
    Edit - double posted

  • Has anyone had anything lasered before? I'm in the process rn and was wondering how many sessions it took other people. I heard it's usually between 5-10, depending on size, ink density and colours.

  • From my understanding the specific tech they are using is a variable as well

  • the specific tech they are using

    it's "lasers"


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