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  • My girlfriend poked her initials on me whilst she was at it.

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  • Love it! My favourite tattoo's are my "shit" or "daft" ones.

    A pal of mine attempted to put her initial on my thumb print with stick in poke... wasn't drunk enough, couldn't hack it, its a faint smudge.

  • All of my favourite tattoos are stupid jokes or stick and pokes from friends. Generally both.

  • stupid jokes

    I mean... I have ‘El Gringo’ on one forearm and ‘nie dziękuję’ on the other, but I was Swindon born and bred so this is the most stupid of the jokes on my ankle.

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  • Couple spider webs and couple of shit pictures I took.
    Wasn't as bad as I thought so if you're thinking of getting the backs of your knees done with something simple then go for it👍🏻 I put it off too long

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  • A guy on a local Facebook page is an apprentice at a little shop in Stockport, was doing £20 back at work flash, got a little bird bird and was his last job of the day so got the other one I liked which is a little running piggy, but got him to do a meat cleaver chasing him.

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  • 10/10 for spicy pain action but still bearable. Needs scales shaded so I’m not done yet.

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  • That’s ace. Haven’t seen flash that bargainicious for yonks

  • Spidey webs and snek are both very cool, don't think I'll be going for leg or arm pits anytime soon.

  • I figured even if it's a bit crap it's only £20, and it's not too bad and the guy was nice and lives a few streets over, although I ended up paying £45 because 2 and a tip, still a bargain.

  • I didn’t think you could set up a machine and ink for less than £50-60 these days so that’s great whatever you end up with ;)

    Recommendations for someone to do my ears? Found out that not all artists are comfortable with doing them. I know a few that’ll do it who’s work I dig but looking for curveballs suggestions if anyone’s seen anything interesting...

  • I didn’t think you could set up a machine and ink for less than £50-60 these days so that’s great whatever you end up with ;)

    I thought similar, but then it is an apprentice and it's Stockport, I was very happy my bike was still there when I was finished.

  • That's great! Tough as fuck.

  • It wasn’t as bad as I expected. Apparently armpit skin is the equivalent of tattooing wet tissue paper without tearing it so it’s def more a testament to the artists skill to keep those lines crispy more than me taking the pain.
    Malice has done a ton down that side now so she knows my breathing patterns/twitches well enough to pull it off although we were both pretty wrecked by the end of it. I don’t think I would have had that done by someone I’d never had work from before.

  • While yours was deliberate, my first tattoo at 18 was a very shit celtic trinity knot. I scribbled it on paper at work one day, thinking the guy doing it would have a better example. Nope, traced it exactly and slapped in on my shoulder.

  • @edmundro that's fucking ace. love armpit tattoos.

    poorly-taken photos of today's happy little froge by kola (heron is about a year old):

    some of the lines are properly half a cm thick. i was knackered by the end of it.

  • Froggo is sick.

  • Now that’s super solid.

  • Sorry to dredge this - and I know healing chat can be tedious - but is this true? Ive only ever used bepanthen but don't wanna push my luck if it's gonna fuck with a new tattoo. I've had a few recently and bepanthen worked rly well, as usual. They're all black and grey, if that matters.

  • I just read through the last year or so of the tattoo thread to catch up.

  • Solid. That area seems tender to say the least...

    Ears... Liam Sparkes or Duncan X?

  • Wish that I noted down what the stuff was, that I got given in 2013 at the pharmacy in NYC. Probably full of all sorts of steroid, my skin healed beautifully within something like a week. It was amazing. Never had a similar experience again.

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