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  • Phil Woods - my favorite

  • Must be a conversion with those angles 🤣

  • Crappy aero post, gas pipe lugs, stem needs slamming etc.
    2009 antiporn brakless conversion.

  • I have a small tattoo I want to cover. It’s a handpoke and I’d like to just do the cover up myself too so need to keep it pretty simple.

    Anyone reckon they’d be any good at designing me something?

  • First tattoo in six years. Wife's nickname.
    Very pleased with it.

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  • That's nice! Who did it?

  • Banger. Also jelly you can still get stabbed over there.
    My wife and I both have bookings for early March so will be interesting to see if they’re allowed to open or not again..

  • Looks cool. Is the one below by Philip Yarnell by any chance?

  • @ltc - an apprentice called Tony King (tkingtattoo) at Martlet Tattoo

    Thanks @edmundro - they've been closed and open all year long but yesterday I was the only person having work done. It's very weird being in an empty tattoo shop...

    @jakemcree it is indeed. Got it done in Dec 2014. Has held up wonderfully considering it gets way more sun exposure than anything else I have.

  • Any recommendations for getting work done around Glasgow? I'm only after simple line work but want someone who knows what they're doing, no wavey wobblys etc.

  • Memento Mori seem to have some decent artists. Can't speak from personal experience! Just a friend of a friend that runs it type deal.

  • Yeah I'd heard that. Cheers I'll give them a buzz see what the waiting list is like for when things reopen

  • I also like Beamish Tattoo. He's got a very particular style though, definitely not for everyone! I don't know many others up there but I'm sure others will.

  • Lock down tattoo from my house mate (insta) @tattoo.lew

    I also got to do my first tattoo on him. The name of our home bar we drink in during lockdown. Obviously shite but was nice to do on a good friend.

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  • I would recommend Memento Mori as well, particularly Paul Clave (King of Bones) who has done a piece for me, which is full of lines and I think pretty well done.

  • Whose really into it?

  • Look back through the previous 487 pages and you might find out!

  • I've been day dreaming of getting a new tattoo when all tbis has abated.

    I think I am going see if Frank Carter wants to do a crowbar, then I'll get my other knee done.

  • I’m doing a bit of work on ScorpioMars bathroom in return for tats. Popped by to measure up last week: once everything reopens that place will be incredible. So well equipped with nice kit and all of the artists art collections are up on the wall already. Emily et al have worked their arses off putting that place together.

    Must have been a real kick in the teeth getting the keys to your studio a week before lockdown started so have enjoyed helping out in there once or twice over the last 9months or so.
    @alien_ ink_
    And resident astrologer

    Go see them when we’re allowed to get poked, you won’t regret it..

  • Tattoo shops are open again round here (The Hague) so I’ve started on my chest piece and booked two slots with an other artist so she can finish my left arm after 5 years...
    Had my right arm done last year by the same bloke who is doing my chest. Holy flying everything I can think of lining on your chest is painfull! Seriously contemplating using an ointment next session.
    Left arm; Lyz @dappertattoo Delft
    Right arm/chest; Mark @onedge Den Haag
    Random fotos showing some angles :D

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  • chest is looking good so far

  • Lock down stick and poke X Files tattoo. I think I just quite like shit tattoos.

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