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  • Heath Nock

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  • Managed to get an appointment for a small piece at in kids Love Ink before lockdown kicks in 🎉

  • Doesn't really fit precisely in here but I'm getting my eyebrows tattooed on later today. I'm far too wussy to have any other types of tattoo these days but I'm looking forward to it - I've had bald patches in my brows for years and it'll make me feel a lot happier with my face. Nice!

  • Oh cool. My partner had that done recently due to overplucking in her emo days. Apparently it needs touch up every few years but she’s super happy with the result.
    Won’t be getting tattooed obvs any time soon but I’ll be popping into Malice’s new studio @scorpiomarstattoo on thurs to rig the mirror ball I made for her. Studio only opened yesterday and looking amazing already and there’s some ace artists working with her. Real shame they have close straight away..

  • After years of appreciating friends' tatoos (well, some of them), I went for a design by my best mate and had Steven Donohue at Sang Bleu attach it to my not very big bicep. Freakin love the very fine straight lines and want to get it out more but it's too bladdy cold right now. Obviously I now need to get the other arm done...

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  • Anyone recognise this?

  • Instant flashbacks to snowboarding in niseko. Here’s a picture I took in 2015

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  • hahaha ding ding ding there he is! Did a season there 2016/ happy place.

  • That is very nice! Does your friend have a website of more work??

  • Inevitable

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  • How did this go?

  • Cheers, have a look on his insta here:

  • Forgot to add my pre Xmas additions...
    If ScorpioMars ever reopens after all this madness it’s armpit next 🤮

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  • Really well! Turns out I was getting microblading rather than straight up tattooing, but we did it at Shall Adore in Shoreditch so it still felt appropriate to the thread. I went to­es/ and she was great.

    Bit of a before and after:

  • Looks great 👍

  • Thank you! If you're considering it, I'd definitely recommend her.

  • A design inspiration! Very likable, that dude. Good vibes city.

  • Looking good. If I could tattoo my quiff back on instead of having to style it every day I'd definitely grow it back.

  • Oh god absolutely. The first casualty of lockdown is the quiff. Like a rockabilly massacre. Just jars of unused dusty pomade everywhere. Utter scenes.

  • Another good recommendation for microblading is Charlotte Moran, did a cracking job on my partners over plucked emo-kid brows.­shid=13cebi041cx4s

    I know she’s done lots of boy brows as well as new brows and other cosmetic stuff for people recovering from surgery. She also has a freaking cute chihuahua...

    Is anyone else on this thread now the proud owner of paintings/prints/patches/tshirts or other assorted tat made by their favourite tattooers bought over the last year?

  • I was very briefly the owner of this print by Kelly Violence to help out her dog Diesel (no bad blood between us, even after he pissed on my lap whilst I was driving years ago) until my dog thought the tube it was in looked tasty and chewed it to fuck.

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