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  • Nice!

  • Anyone been to Der Grimm in Berlin?

  • I'm thinking about getting a cheeky snake wrapped around an arm to fill a gap. My initial thought was to get Scott Move to do it (he did the entire back of my leg and I'm really happy with it) but was wondering if anyone had suggestions for anyone else to look at? Black and grey only, ideally London based but don't mind travelling.

  • @courtneylloydtattoos

    All have excellent danger noodles

    Courtney does really good slender sneks which might be ideal as a filler. She’s also great fun to work with.

    Edit: huh, yeshe went italic cos there’s and underscore before and after his name on insta..

  • Couple of little ones from @chrishewishtattoo yesterday at Dharma.
    Plant and sun on my hand were spur of the moment ones :)

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  • Thanks for those suggestions! None are quite what I'm looking for but all look good. Alex Woodhead in particular seems to be knocking out some bangers, sort of reminds me of Chad Koeplinger's stuff.

  • I'm sure about 50% of this thread is you posting new tattoos! You must be running short on space by now?

  • Lol you’re probably right but I very rarely go bigger than palm size(and often smaller). I’m a spontaneous cheapskate when it comes to tattoos.
    Still got lower back, a bit of space on both arms and room for a bit more on my Malice ribs project. Got nothing from the waist down either.

  • Inside elbow must've felt fairly spicy. Deffo my favourite of the 3.

  • Funny bone is pretty awful IME.

  • Inside elbow was ok, I think it’d have been easier if it was part of a larger piece as you’d be chill by that point hopefully.
    It hurt like a bitch but took him well under 3mins to do.
    Finger/knuckle was grim but in a fun way, would recommend.

  • I wish I.wanted more small.projects. Really excited but totally fucking dreading two days in a row on my ribs and front/side this week.

  • Just embrace it. Ribs is the most I’ve enjoyed being in pain :)

  • You've got a better tolerance than me. Got my stomach done and the ribs were absolutely horrid

  • I’m not suggesting it wasn’t horrid, it definitely is. I’m just saying it was enjoyable to practice my breathing techniques, learning to zone out etc(I had a bit on my hip bone as well-impossible to relax).
    I think the artist/type of needle/work will have a bearing on it too...

    I’m prob not a good point of reference as I’ve barely had any non-spicy area tattoos in over a year now and the main reason I did my finger was I wanted to see how much it hurt...

  • What kind of style? I’d maybe consider:
    Paul Hill
    George Bonner

  • Great to see that Chris is still working. I had him tattoo me on a whim when he was a wee apprentice at Family Business after he'd been their shop floor guy for ages. Probably back in 2014 or something. Haven't been tattooed in five years now, since Max Kuhn did my back.... you're tempting me @edmundro !

    I say apprentice. He was just tattooing. No idea if he had to go through the 'apprentice' phase. One his tattoos is still one my favourites.

  • Chris was great, was really good fun little session listening to doom metal.
    He’s at Dharma full time nowadays.

  • Yeah, great guy. Used to be on here too. Had a sweet... Vivalo, I think? Something NJS that's for sure.

  • Yeah I last had my ribs done about 14 years ago. Chest 8 years or so. Since then. It's all been easy stuff. Sleeves and legs.

    Not that I'm going to but I wonder if ketamine is good for getting tattooed. I very much like the idea of being in a dissociative for a day while getting inked

  • When I got my chest done I took a load of tramadol and it was excellent. Not quite so firmly disassociative as ketamine but much closer to that vibe than any other painkillers I've taken. Recommended.

  • If you're talking about Chris, he was @chewish

  • Seriously tho, are people really taking industrial painkillers for tattoos?
    Admittedly I’ve never done anything longer than 5-6hrs on ribs in one sitting and a few 4hr back sessions but Ket? Tramadol?

    I know everyone feels pain differently but wow!
    I know weed is pretty popular among staff/clients at one studio I frequent but I was always told it made you more sensitive :/

    @JB - wish I knew Chris was forum, was a short session but always good to bump into skiddahs in the real world...

  • My tattooist was telling me about the amount of trams he takes when getting tattooed.
    I've never bothered.

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