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  • The artist who did my numbed ribs said they’d had a client who used a really really expensive cream which turned their skin to jelly and wouldn’t hold the ink.
    How it makes your skin react from the artists standpoint is just as, if not more important than the numbing effect.

  • All good to know! I'll make sure I do a thorough skin test before I use it properly. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Yes, have used Bactine on a few occasions. Made a big difference.

  • According to the instructions you put a thick layer over the area then wrap in cling film an hour before the session. During this time it feels weird, cold n hot and tingly. The artist cleans it off just before they start.
    I’d only use it with the artists approval but tbh my ribs are done now so unless I get my knees done I can’t see me using it again any time soon.

  • Eutectic Mixture of Local Anaesthetic (EMLA) should do the trick..

  • A friend of my fiancée just started tattooing. This is her third effort. Pretty impressive!

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  • There is an artists* work I am quite fond of and was considering getting a tattoo of one of his drawings.
    (* Not a tattoo artist, ink on paper artist)

    I'm not sure on the etiquette, is it worse to do a direct copy or a derivation of one?
    Should I see if he would mind if I got one of his designs tattooed?
    Should I see if he wants to design a fresh one for me? (Haven't got a chance of affording this)

  • It depends on the person, obviously. But I would say a derivation would probably be the most sketchy. You've moved from getting something by an artist you like into ripping off an artist you like. Depending on how popular/big they are, just drop them a message/DM and ask if they're particularly opposed to people getting their work tattooed.

  • Good points.
    I have DMed him on socials, so hopefully he'll get back to me.

    Way back when he reposted a pic of someone getting a tattoo of a different picture of his, so it seems he was flattered then, hopefully he will green light it.

  • on the off-chance the artist in question is Sin Eater, he posted a few months back that he's happy for people to ask to use his designs for tattoos, but that there'll be a nominal fee for providing the original image in a hi-res format.

  • It wasn't, but am now following Sin Eater, good stuff on there.

  • Well, I have had permission from the artist, seems keen in fact.

    Now to convince my tattooist to take it on.

  • Ropey Instagram screenshot. Done by Rudy Fristch. Not something I'd get personally and don't know how well it'll age but I quite like their stuff!

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  • I like it.

  • Something about these creepy cats.

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  • Rafel mentioned already is great but also check out Philip Yarnell -­attoos/?hl=pl

  • Very impressive. I know it's not always possible, but I wish tattoo artist posted more photos of healed work rather than fresh stuff. These will look different in 2-3 weeks time.

    My back, most painful tattoo experience I've had. Done by my favourite artist­hl=pl
    Around 16-17h total. First we've done 3 days in a row (not a good idea) and then a year or so later 8h session to finish it off.
    This is the tattoo that made me dislike getting tattooed. I have both of my legs covered, chest, stomach, ribs, and the right arm as you can see (a bit more black on it since this photo). I've visited around 30-35 different artists over the years and always loved the experience of tattooing. Feet, knees, ribs, stomach - that was nothing comparing to my back.
    I love tattoos, but I would never get my back touched again. I only get tattooed by one guy now (mentioned above), and I am very proud to have this piece done by him.

  • The numbing cream I bought for when I get my knee tattooed has a very reassuring list of ingredients. Any list that ends in "and so on" has got my vote of confidence.

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  • Looks like it's supposed to turn you into a Hulk/Thing hybrid.

  • That's what I'm hoping for. That knee is absolutely knackered to be fair, could do with at least a minor hulking.

  • Hoping for this Thing

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  • Rather than this Thing

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