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  • i have my entire leg tattooed, if you are sticking to clothes you are keeping the skin too wet, screwing up the healing

  • Nah, sumo just has death metal skinny leather trousers, I always wear Tracky b's or shorts when I've just had my legs done

  • Well my method usually lets them be nearly fully healed in a couple of weeks so I'll stick with it.

  • I've always let them dry and then apply thin layers of bepanthen until fully healed, but the scabs are a real hassle..

    I think I'll try Sumo's way next time around..

  • I will definitely stick to long pants next time, have had 1 too many times with the cat came rubbing against my leg when I least expected. She knows sometimes doesn't smell right.

  • I have been told to shower as normal, use normal soap and apply any fragrance free lotion few times a day. Also to ditch the cling film soon as I get home.

    This is what I have been told. My artist mate said that people are moving away from the nappy cream as it can stop the skin from breathing if too much is used. Wounds need air to heal. This method did lead to nicely healed tattoos for me, no scabs or colour fall out. But you have to be meticulous with the cream (aveeno for me) and applying it regularly.

  • I was told just to use a little bit... and I have been trying to rub it right in... I wonder why did people start using nappy rash cream out of all the cream and lotion there are??

    Gonna switch to E45 from tomorrow I think...

  • Wounds need air to heal.

    Is what my mum thought in the 80s, before it was possible to google 'do wounds need air to heal'.

  • The thinking behind Bepanthen was that it kept up the moisture levels. This stopped the tattoo drying out. People have used it for decades and it works just fine. But the non-nappy way makes sense as well.

    Isn't E45 petroleum based? I really can't recommend Aveeno enough. I've got eczema and it's been a revelation. Oats are the answer!

  • I just looked and E45 shares some similar ingredients to Bepanthen... but it's nowhere near as thick... that's my thinking... Amazingly, I do have some Aveeno on my bedside table... ha.

  • hahaha, I just googled it!

  • aveeno is the shit

  • Oops... just noticed Noon has missed a couple of bits on my tattoo... is colouring in evenly in small areas really difficult? He missed some tiny bits next to the edge of a couple of the 'lollipops'. I am not being sarasctic, this is a serious question.

  • its great if it works for you but you could be healing faster and easier.

  • sounds like you are describing a skin break, its supposed to be there

  • ah, the old after care discussion. It's older than tattooing itself, you know!

    I usually rub the area in a little bit of gravel thrice a day before wrapping in the leftover skin of a boa constrictor.

  • if you can get it Webber Vitamin E Ointment is brilliant for tattoo care

  • and Lubriderm as well

  • Like this? It's kinda hard to see with the yellow, and if you look at the smallest circle in the target.

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  • Back to what's good!

    Adrian lee.

    Want to get my half sleeve started by Bugs finished in this kind of style.

  • ^ That neck to knees is really magical.

  • yeah he's pretty good at those!

  • Intense!

    What's the crack with those, are they based on comic characters or just original pieces?

  • As far as I know they are original pieces

  • I'm currently fixing a date for my first tattoo with a friend of mine who worked the last years to become a tattoo artist. He fulfilled his own dream, quit his job at a bank and went full time.

    Aaanyway I want some geometric stuff around my upper arm. I did the design myself and it's something that reminds me of good times.

    My question is: is there some good write up of symbolism in tattoos? I'm pretty clueless on that subject and don't want to end up with something that could be interpreted as nazi shit on my arm ;)

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