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  • Remember, if you ride fixed, use framepads and this and that... get yourself a tattoo is the next step!

    Is anyone going to the tattoo convention this weekend? I might pop by on saturday or sunday to check out the ladiezz ;)

  • i am!

  • Sat or sun?

  • around how much would it cost for me to get my ribs done at a decent tattoo place here in the UK?

  • wouldn't mind going, but don't need anymore idea's. already starting to get too many.

    k/t the place i go charges £60/hr

  • dogsballs - would you recommend this place? pics of the work they've done?

  • man, id love to go to the convention...sux im not avail this weekend!

    where's this £60/hr joint DB? sounds reasonable price. thinkin maybe gettin sleeve work like this lot...­members.html

  • new-wave tattoo­tm , out the back of muswell hill (middle of no-where actually). all of them are really really good, hence also really busy. funny as the guy who did roberto's work in brazil, visits there over summer. my recent piece was by wayne, but my large shoulder sleeve was done by silvia.

  • don't think I'll be going to the convention.

    I had tattoos when most of you lot were still in short trousers, hence I need get my old ones covered with some nice new work, lots of black.

    anyone know of decent tattooists south of the river?

  • I'm going to head over there on Saturday. I've not been to the London convention before, but it always looks good. Lots of killer work getting done.

  • alright, i'm liking what i'm seeing from new-wave tattoo (except for all the 'spurs pieces they did).
    i'm looking to get john tenniel's illustration of lewis carroll's jabberwocky over my entire left ribs.

    60pounds/hour is considered a reasonable price? (that's not to come off as me thinking it's expensive or cheap since i genuinely don't know how tattoo pricing in the UK goes)

  • lal, the shops owner is a nutter spurs fan and you don't want to argue with him!!

    it is pricey, but one of the best shops in London or UK

  • my good friend works at flaming 8 in kentish town, same price

    i think i'll come by on sunday after looking in on polo


    I would suggest family business tattoo. They will be at the convention so if you are going drop in to have a chat with them or watch them at work. Great work coming out of that shop at the moment.

  • Yeah i really like Family Business at the moment, think im gonna get some stuff there soon. Frith street and Into U are always awesome too. Gonna hang around on sat and Sun probably, cant afford to go in but street drinking and chilling is a certainty

  • One of the greatest tattoo's I have ever seen.

  • different!!

    roberto txt me if you are going sat arvo.

  • Saturday list:

    1. Alex
  • that looks like a fucking pen drawing!
    one of my friends back home, his dad is from the tottenham area and calls up my friend most saturday mornings at like 6am boston time to tell him about the latest match. i don't think i'll get into an argument with him, as i've had my fill of football-related hate thrown at me last weekend.
    i'm really digging what i'm seeing on the family business site.
    smeear - can you give any personal experiences regarding flaming 8? pics?
    conan and rideordie - personal experiences?

    and i take it that for most reputable places with good artists i'll be looking at about 60pounds/hour?

  • yeah, just don't go down to camden and get one!!

  • A friend of mine works in family business tattoo ( and she will be working at the convention too. I think she works at £70 an hour which i think for central london is a genrally normal price.
    She has tattooed quite alot of my friends but not me. But she is putting out some nice clean tattoos.
    Have a look at the myspace page and see what you think.

  • i lived with one of the tattooists who works there for a couple of years, he dose all my stuff

    they likely have a my space?

    thats not very helpful is it?

    evil from the needle is great, bugs used to work there!

    although i wouldnt go anywhere else

  • All these places people have mentioned are great tattoo shops though IMO

  • i don't know if i'll make it to the convention, but i'll check out the websites to see what's good.
    do you need an appointment for most of these places?

  • I know you will in family business they can be busy at sometimes.

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