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  • So, these are the various designs that people have submitted this far.

    We need to get an order of 40+ together in order to get the price down to £65 per jersey. This is a good price when compared against other Merino jerseys which tend to retail around £80+. To go with the people that offer the best service we need to put down half the money for the order first, so this is going to mean a deposit from each person that wants the jersey and the balance 1 month later.

    Please vote on each one to let me know which you would buy if it was the chosen design.

    Once the design is chosen I will run another poll to see who actually wants them and is willing and able to pay the deposit. Once I have the required deposits the order will be placed.

    PS Not sure how to do polls so this might not work too well. How do I get the pictures of the jerseys to show in the poll options?

  • Massive Bump

  • are they in the same order in thread and the poll?

  • Put me down for the second one in the list.

  • Merino? I'll have the second design, preferabbly with the font from the 3rd design?

    I'm a bit a newbee to the site to have too much affiliation to the group/site (that'll come), but like the design and love the old merino!

  • Cirsh carhs, why do you care? You can't wear them.

  • Alternatively/additionally, if there is enough interest I will set up a group order for one design with portland cyclewear, which will work out at about half the price (ish). There were concerns over how ethical they might be, but if theres enough demand for a cheaper product and you can cope with the blood on your hands its an option... Don't want to step on ben's toes though!

  • As I said before, No 3 is my fav. No more designs?!

  • Loving the HTFU on the back, but I'm dubious about the Arrospok. I'm not convinced that joke will run for as long as I'd want to wear the jersey for....

  • I like the third down, with the Campy style writing... classy! If the final jersey doesn't have HTFU on the back, the world is a bad place.

  • 4! with 2 font

  • For me, No4 but with No2's design and font of No1 on the back but not the front.

    I can has? x

  • I think it should be short sleeve too, long-sleevers need to HTFU.

  • I like 3, but without the ardcore. Clean.

  • I like 3, but without the ardcore. Clean.

    I agree. Tasteful choice, for a Villain.

  • I like 3, but without the ardcore. Clean.


  • def 3, no ardcore ;)

    I must admit, I'd be tempted with both long and short sleeved.

  • Cirsh carhs, why do you care? You can't wear them.

    good desgin should be rewarded. and ill have them throw mine out, then i will find it, and just happen to lose its cost some where near who ever is taking money, so its freegan, and i'm unlucky.

  • I'm trying hard to understand that one CC, really I am, but I get lost 2/3rds from the end ;)

  • Chris Crash, you are a pillock.

  • .

  • I like 3, but without the ardcore. Clean.

    I agree. Tasteful choice, for a Villain.


    def 3, no ardcore ;)


    same as these guy's

  • ^ Ditto.

    No2 would be nice sans spok

  • There's loads more stuff that could be fun from forum conversations now.
    The Spok could be whatever.

  • Ditto to no3 with out the Ardcore
    Also like No2 wth out the Arrospok bit!

    Jol any way we can arrange a pick up of my polo mallet some time next week!

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LFGSS Jersey design poll

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