Find me a dentist! Dentists?

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  • Thanks for the reassuring advice!

  • Yep, Don't stress over something you can't change. One of my kids permanent incisors came down and the other didn't come for another year! Rule of thumb is to think about investigating if something isn't there after 2 years (ignoring baby incisors) .

  • My dentist (who I've been seeing since I started in London in 2014) is encouraging me to get invisaline as a 'preventative' measure against me damaging my teeth with my massive overbite, rather than cosmetic, even so it wouldn't be covered by my dental insurance and it costs a wad.

    Am i better off trying to book a consult with an actual orthodontist and seeing what they say?

  • Has anyone had a dental implant? Can you share your experience?

    My root canal treated tooth seems to be failing. I have a choice to either have it retreated or have a implant and I am not sure what to do.

    I can afford to have a implant so money isn’t really a concern here as such... but still a big ouch! BUT I am not sure about it as it seems an unnecessarily lengthy and painful procedure if a re root canal can sort me out for another 10-12 years?

  • I’ve had both, and my dentist always explained the options and differences for me to decide.

  • My medical/dental insurance covered Invisalign because the size of my overbite made it a medical rather than aesthetic procedure. The dentist then fucked up the invoicing so I only got £800 of the £2,500 paid for, but if your dentist knows what they’re doing that should be ok. I have two aligners left, and there has been a big change.

  • Well, I asked and they told me it’s my choice so I am booked in with an implant consult that will cost me £150... this is the bit that surprises me. Maybe I’ll give them a ring...

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Find me a dentist! Dentists?

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