Find me a dentist! Dentists?

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  • How many teeth did you have done? 😬

  • Bupa dental here are charging minimum £7 PPE fee per visit if surgical mask / visor work and £40 per visit if full PPE / FFP3 needed. No extra charge for the NHS treatment as the government stump up the extra for the PPE.

    From what I read the Half Moon charge is £90 extra per appointment?

  • Seven, like I said it was long overdue.

  • This is what I am confused, it seems a lot as a charge for any and all appointment.

  • After a filling appointment the surgery is meant to be left fallow (unused) for an hour while any aerosol disperses and settles. Then it has to be cleaned. A twenty minute appointment then takes one and a half hours. The practice need to recoup the costs even if they are running two surgeries side by side.

  • I suppose so... but it is sooooooo expensive! 😅😅😅

  • I hear Poland is a good destination for lower cost dental work, I need a lot, is this actually the case?

    I'm often in Lithuania so can do multiple trips no problem.

  • Someone said the best dentist is in Fulham, anyone know what practise this is?

  • Yeah NHS Dentist on North End road, No matter where I live in London (I'm miles away in Forest Gate these days) I'll never go to another Dentist.

  • Excellent, I live near Forest Hill but work in Fulham luckily.

  • Not sure what is happening in the rest of the UK but Dentists down my way (wilts) are pretty useless. No contact whatsoever "due to COVID19" - i thought they had PPE already and could keep working...? Cancelled all check ups etc , orthodontics - there will be a load of kids and others missing out, they don't answer calls AND somehow they got a recent pay rise???
    Rant over

  • Any recommendations of what to do with receding gums? I’ve been wearing aligners for about 10 months and have been rigorous with my routine. But the gum problem seems new

  • It is expensive but consider visiting a periodontist. It is better to deal with it early

  • Anyone got a recommendation for a good dentist around the N4 area? I apparently have an infection in my wisdom tooth and the pain has spread all over my head and down my neck; my regular dental surgery in Camden just gave me a blunt needle and told me to wash it with hydrogen peroxide and see their oral surgeon if it got worse. I don't work near the practice any more so it's a bit annoying going there, plus the guy really gave off a DGAF attitude and kept just telling me I should have seen the hygienist. Yeah I used to go semi-regularly mate, but funnily the idea of someone poking around in my mouth didn't really appeal during a pandemic.
    I'm a bit worried because I think the infection is also giving me a fever and all surgeries seem to be taking temperature upon entry, so it feels like I might just be locked out from treatment anywhere if they'll all shoo me out the door.

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Find me a dentist! Dentists?

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