Find me a dentist! Dentists?

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  • How many teeth did you have done? 😬

  • Bupa dental here are charging minimum £7 PPE fee per visit if surgical mask / visor work and £40 per visit if full PPE / FFP3 needed. No extra charge for the NHS treatment as the government stump up the extra for the PPE.

    From what I read the Half Moon charge is £90 extra per appointment?

  • Seven, like I said it was long overdue.

  • This is what I am confused, it seems a lot as a charge for any and all appointment.

  • After a filling appointment the surgery is meant to be left fallow (unused) for an hour while any aerosol disperses and settles. Then it has to be cleaned. A twenty minute appointment then takes one and a half hours. The practice need to recoup the costs even if they are running two surgeries side by side.

  • I suppose so... but it is sooooooo expensive! 😅😅😅

  • I hear Poland is a good destination for lower cost dental work, I need a lot, is this actually the case?

    I'm often in Lithuania so can do multiple trips no problem.

  • Someone said the best dentist is in Fulham, anyone know what practise this is?

  • Yeah NHS Dentist on North End road, No matter where I live in London (I'm miles away in Forest Gate these days) I'll never go to another Dentist.

  • Excellent, I live near Forest Hill but work in Fulham luckily.

  • Not sure what is happening in the rest of the UK but Dentists down my way (wilts) are pretty useless. No contact whatsoever "due to COVID19" - i thought they had PPE already and could keep working...? Cancelled all check ups etc , orthodontics - there will be a load of kids and others missing out, they don't answer calls AND somehow they got a recent pay rise???
    Rant over

  • Any recommendations of what to do with receding gums? I’ve been wearing aligners for about 10 months and have been rigorous with my routine. But the gum problem seems new

  • It is expensive but consider visiting a periodontist. It is better to deal with it early

  • Anyone got a recommendation for a good dentist around the N4 area? I apparently have an infection in my wisdom tooth and the pain has spread all over my head and down my neck; my regular dental surgery in Camden just gave me a blunt needle and told me to wash it with hydrogen peroxide and see their oral surgeon if it got worse. I don't work near the practice any more so it's a bit annoying going there, plus the guy really gave off a DGAF attitude and kept just telling me I should have seen the hygienist. Yeah I used to go semi-regularly mate, but funnily the idea of someone poking around in my mouth didn't really appeal during a pandemic.
    I'm a bit worried because I think the infection is also giving me a fever and all surgeries seem to be taking temperature upon entry, so it feels like I might just be locked out from treatment anywhere if they'll all shoo me out the door.

  • Need some advice please. Had a single tooth bridge installed 10 years ago from a bike crash. It's fallen out twice before (both bike crashes) and been fixed back in place each time by Kings College dental.

    My wife is due to give birth today or tomorrow with our first child so it was perfect timing for the bridge to fall out during dinner last night.

    Is it worth trying to cement it back in place myself, or wait a week or 2 till were somewhat settled with baby and try to get a dental appointment somewhere?

    It's the tooth next to my main front teeth and can eat ok without it.

  • Always best to try and stick it back in, prevents the teeth around the bridge drifting into the space. Also keeps the bite more stable. Even if you need a new one trying to stick the old one back helps.

    There are cementation kits available for home use, please don't use superglue / nail glue etc.

  • Hello Dentists!

    Youngest son (20 months) hasn't erupted either his top or bottom set of first molars. Is this normal or should I be worried. Everything else came thorough in the right order, on time.

  • As in first permanent molars? They start coming through at about 6 years. Or are you talking about the deciduous molars?

  • Yes the deciduous molars. In the image here both top and bottom first molars have not arrived yet but second molars have. So top and bottom he has: tooth, tooth, tooth, gap, tooth

  • The dates teeth arrive in real life are much more variable than given in the text books. Unusual to get deciduous molars not developing. You wouldn't take x rats to check at this stage so what comes through will come through in its own time.

    Best thing to do at the moment is to make sure that the teeth are kept healthy and clean, good diet and fluoride toothpaste and regular dental checks.

    About 4-7 percent of the adult population have some permanent teeth that don't develop. Most common is second premolar, dealing with this situation later in life with implants helps keep roof over my head and food on the table...

  • You wouldn't take x rats to check at this stage

    Some dentistry methods are ever so slightly unsettling ... :)

  • Androids idea of autocorrect lol

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Find me a dentist! Dentists?

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